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Farming Simulator 22 Review Continue growing up

The Los Angeles class of submarines are nuclear-powered quick strike submarines (SSN) in solution with the United States Navy. Additionally, called the 688 course (noticeable six-eighty-eight ) after the hull variety of lead vessel USS Los Angeles (SSN-688), 62 were built from 1972 to 1996, the latter 23 to an enhanced 688i criterion. Since 2020, 32 of the Los Angeles class remain in compensation– even more than any kind of other class in the globe– and also they make up majority of the United States Navy’s 53 quick attack submarines. Of the 30 retired watercraft, a few were in compensation for virtually 40 years, consisting of USS Dallas (SSN-700), USS Jacksonville (SSN-699) and USS Bremerton (SSN-698). With a large variance in longevity, 12 of the 688s were disabled halfway via their projected life expectancies, USS Baltimore (SSN-704) being the youngest-retired at 15 years, 11 months. One more five additionally laid up early (20– 25 years), due to their midlife reactor refueling being terminated, as well as one was shed throughout overhaul due to arson. 2 have actually been transformed to moored training ships, and also all others are being ditched per the Navy’s Ship-Submarine Recycling Program.
Submarines of this class are called after American communities and also cities, such as Albany, New York; Los Angeles, The Golden State; and Tucson, Arizona, with the exemption of USS Hyman G. Rickover, named for the father of the nuclear Navy. This was an adjustment from typically naming assault submarines after aquatic animals, such as USS Seawolf or USS Shark.

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but all my adult life took place in the Oregon countryside. My neighbors are orchards and the valley full of vineyards. Our city celebrates the harvest and the economy of the region is closely linked to local farms. The planting and harvest cycle that is the heart of Farming Simulator 22 is the reality of my community.

Farming Simulator 22 is the last game of the long-standing franchise. It’s more than just a game on the driving of big trucks. It’s also a game to earn enough money to buy these trucks, then decide what and when to plant With the trucks. You need a complete garage of equipment to harvest these crops. Finally, there is a production chain mechanic, new in the franchise. It means taking these crops and turning them into something else. There is also a lot of specialized equipment for that. And it continues, again and again.

If it seems that Farming Simulator is more economic simulation, well, it’s because that’s the case. All you do on a farm costs money and time, and there are never enough. Farming Simulator 22 consists of climbing the ladder from the simple to the complex. The purchase of larger and better quality machines makes work easier, but it takes a lot of time to get there. This is a game of small steps, trials and errors and strategic planning.

Part of the game strategy is linked to the new seasonal change mechanism. You have to plant certain seeds at specific times of the year, harvest to others. You can make things easier or more difficult by deciding the number of days of play each month. However, if this planning level is too difficult to handle, you can disable seasons. Your farm may exist in perpetual spring, summer, winter or fall without impacting the other elements of the cycle. Farm Simulator 22 offers many options for ease of experience. The problem is that it is difficult to know with what settings play until you understand the game.

I suspect that the developer assumes that the majority of Farming Simulator 22 played earlier games of the series. The tutorial is pretty bad, not facilitated by a dual sense control scheme that is clumsy and little intuitive. It is easy, for example, to press the wrong button and see disappear important advice. Fight through the tutorial, however, and things become a little easier. Not easy, notice, just less overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a hidden encyclopedia in the menu. New players should plan to spend a lot of time watching YouTube or reading third party guides. The biggest silo of information is on the official website of the game.

Managing real farms consists of intense micro-management, a constant decision-making and a lot of hard work. Farming Simulator 22 does a great job to transmit this. This gives the player a lot of choice on all aspects of life on the farm, the color of dependencies to the slope of the ground. There are tools to customize just about everything.

By jumping in Farm Simulator 22, you have the choice between three difficulties as well as three starting farms, inspired by the American rural Midwest, France and Germany. There is also a pretty basic character creator. Overall, the environments of the game look good. The dynamic clouds and the weather add another touch of realism, helped by audio effects and subtle music. The equipment looks fantastic, but human models are doing less well, reminding us that it is a game on machines, not on people.

We said Farming Simulator 22 did not concern big trucks. When you’re taking the wheel of a big harvester or tractor, however, it’s as fun as you imagine. There are a very large number of branded toys with which to play. If you do not want to bother with driving, you can press a button and assign the job to a worker.

See your humble farm turn into several thriving farms is exciting and rewarding. But it requires patience, tolerance to bugs and sometimes strange controls, and time. Expect to dozens of hours learning the strings of the job. If it is too difficult to manage alone, you can distribute the work between up to six cooperative friends.

Players from previous Farming Simulator games will notice and appreciate many changes and improvements in the new version. All looks a lot better, there are new crops, and the new production chain mechanic and changing seasons really mix things. New players can be disconcerted by the tutorial, as well as by deep and open gameplay. Farming Simulator 22 has some difficulties, but there is also a lot of fun to harvest.

Indie Belopper Games

Autopsynatographic sim Autopsy Simulator with horror with Horror Start for play test participants in demo version

Autopsy Simulator - Trailer
Poland’s Indie Blooper Woodland Games has launched a recruitment of play test participants in Simulation Autopsy Simulator.

This work is a game that performs an autopsy that contains horror and mystery element.

Player is a pathologist called Jack, and performs an accuracy with the report and file of the died person. The work of death is suicide or other kill or accident, and the work to solve the case is introduced as an example of the game progress. In addition to being supervised by the actual pathologist and the practitioner, it is a sense of play that actually performs the appearance of the active work due to the realistic or scratches created in realist.

This time, recruitment of demo version players using the LATEST function of STEAM started. After logging in, you can apply for participation from the Access to the Request button on this Steam store page. After registration, an invitation email will arrive and played. In addition, according to the presentation in the past, the demo version is that the main character himself and his own apartment to live in the game, and the first appearance work is to work.

Autopsy Simulator is scheduled for PC Windows / Mac (Steam) for PC Windows / Mac (Steam), which is scheduled for Japanese language versions, is scheduled to be released within 2022.

Mass Effect Games

Dragon Age screenwriter does not believe that Mass Effect series would work

A few days ago he began to circulate the rumor that EA and Amazon were already in conversations to adapt Mass Effect as a television series. At the time of writing None of the two Parties has confirmed this information, but an expepleleado of BioWare already pronounced itself and does not agree that this project is carried out.

The Ex employed in question is David Gear, who worked as a narrative designer at Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Gear, adapt Mass Effect For TV is not a good idea for endless reasons, but one of the main ones has to do with the Customizable protagonist.

To begin with, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a unique protagonist. That is to say that the TV series would need to choose between a man or a woman. Boom, at the entrance you are already alienating a lot of fans that were hopeful.

GAMER Continues saying that these protagonists are created so that the player has a blank sheet, with which they themselves are filled with their different decisions. This type of mechanics could not work for a passive medium as the TV is, where you should be allocated a fixed story to any character.

Finally, Gear closes this thread explaining that there are ways that the project is successful, but he would have to move away from the video games and tell a story of his own set within the universe of Mass Effect. We still do not know what EA or Amazon plans are, but it will not be an easy job.

Editor’s note: Yes, I admit that adapting video games to any other means is always a difficult task, but we have recently seen some products that have not been as bad as the Pikachu movie, the Castlemaine series or even The Witcher In Netflix. If the Mass Effect series turns out to be true, Amazon will have a very important responsibility between his hands.

Gaming Games

Amazon Black Friday will be held from November 26 Gamer must see gaming chair and monitor Pick up featured products

AMAZON is held for 7 days from 9:00 to December 2nd (Thursday) of November 26 (Thursday) at 23:59. In this sale, products that upgrade game life to more fulfilling things such as MSI high spec gaming notebooks and Jennifer’s gaming headset are sold at bargain prices.

Also, if you enter the campaign, you will also have a point up campaign where up to 10,000 points will be returned, so let’s enter without forgetting. Well, in this article, we will introduce a gamer must-see product such as gaming monitors and chairs!

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Comfortable with compact gaming notebook PC and comfortable MSI Gaming Note PC GF65 Thin 10U

Items recommended for the gamer that you want to put a desktop gaming PC in the room or want to take a gaming PC feel free to carry the Gamer ‘GF65 Thin 10U’. This product is equipped with the latest graphics of CORE I7 processor and NVIDIA, so you can play a large popular game such as Apex Legends and Fortnite without stress.

In addition, the body designed to carry sizes with easy-to-carry size is ensured that it does not prepare a large bag with a lightness of 21.7 mm, lightness 1.86 kg and lightness. In addition, even smaller scalability that is easy to become necked after using gaming notebook PCs, this product also has four USB ports, HDMI terminals, wired LAN’s, etc. Devices you want to use It can be freely connected and play.

IPS panel graphic smoothly operation LG gaming monitor Ultrapar 24GN600-B

LG’s Ultrapar 24GN600-B also wants to enjoy the beautiful video, but I do not want to use the monitor with slow response! It is a gaming monitor that realizes such a wish. This product is compatible with wide viewing angle and color development, and the quick response speed of 1 ms is compatible, and you can smoothly manipulate the video in the beautifully reproduced game graphic.

In addition, if there is a Black Stabilizer feature that recognizes the dark and difficult part of the image, if there is a Black Stabilizer feature, a moment of the FPS, such as FPS gives a large advantage in the game where the judgment is divided. Also, the design that does not exist at all There are a lot of scenes, the game can feel the world of the game, and the game will be more fun than ever!

Jennifer GSP 301 that can be properly communicated with any situation

Gaming headset GSP 301 of Sen visor selling many audio devices. This product is a stylish design and a highly functional wired type gaming headset with high functionality that supports comfortable game environments.

Among the FPS games in which information from sounds such as enemy footsteps and sound sounds are important, High quality audio technology of this product can not hear small sounds and respond to instantly It can be demonstrated. Furthermore, even in the battlefield where various sounds are incorrect and voice marks can be heard, the cooperation with friends can be fought without interruption until the end.

Ear cups designed to fit in any head shape are equipped with a wheel-type volume adjustment, and can adjust the volume in the game with an intuitive operation that only lightly turns with your fingertips. Since the main unit color can be selected from white, black blue and three types, choose the headset of your favorite color and put it in one of your favorites!

10 cm Perspective with a long chair of long-term play TRACING gaming chair GT901

GT901 is a TRACING full-scale gaming chair designed for E-SPORTS players and professional gamers. The seating surface of this product made to maintain comfort in long games is a thickness of 10 cm thick, and can suppress the pressure applied to the body and play a sense of fatigue. In addition, backrests that support the whole body are also suppressed the deviation of the attitude in the game, and keep the body in a perfect condition.

If you want to take a break from the game where you take tense, you can relax with the ottoman and reclining that is stored under the seat, and you can relax with the feet and taste the best mood change. If you are thinking about buying a gaming chair, please check this opportunity!

Thick the 90 Hz world with a smartphone! ASUS Smartphone Before 7

Gamer is a familiar manufacturer ASUS high-spec smartphone ASUS Before 7. This machine corresponds to the gaming monitor face lose refresh rate 90Hz, response speed 1 ms, and the smartphone is easy to work with a smartphone It is possible to maintain a comfortable game environment even in battle royal-based games is.

Also, if you leverage the gameplay assistance function Game Genie installed on this unit, you can turn off the notification in the game and check the CPU utilization and frame rate. You can easily share your own play with your own play by using the screen recording and live distribution functions! Furthermore, as a monster battery that allows for a continuous call for about 30 hours of about 30 hours, you can enjoy the game without worrying about charging.

Above, we introduced five items for the gamer from amazing products for Amazon Black Friday. I hope this article is helpful to buy what this is a Black Friday sale this year! Amazon’s Black Friday is being held for 7 days from November 26 (Fri) 9:00 to December 2 (Thu) 23:59.

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Colleague Ralf Games

Klopp pleased on rangnique No good news for other clubs

Team Manager Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool is looking forward to his new old colleague Ralf Rang nick. I know him — but usually we do not talk about things that are not yet confirmed, Kl opp joked on Friday in his press conference: If you tell me that that will happen, I may believe you. Yes — another good comes After England, that’s the way.

Rang nick stands according to the SID as a team manager immediately before changing to Manchester United in the English Premier League. According to information of Spot and Goal are the talks are already well advanced. With the 63-year-old come an excellent, very experienced coach to England. United will play very organized — that’s not good news for other clubs, said Kl opp and grinned.

With the TSG Cofferdam and RB Leipzig Rang nick As you know, two clubs from nothing to real threats built in Germany, said Kl opp: He made many jobs, but his first concern was always to be coach. He is in Germany very, very viewed — and rightly.

Articles and videos about the topic
Rang nick New Interim Trainer at Man United
English Cup Competitions and Championship Live on DAZN. Register now!

Even Julian Nagelsmann, the Rang nick once took to Leipzig, praised the old master. I think it’s cool and horny, I wrote him too, I’m looking forward to him, he is an outstanding coach, said the coach of Bayern Munich. He’ll do Manchester United with his kind very well, the whole club. You will make good games for the next few weeks. It’s still a lot in it. He has a lot of desire and power.

Military Fps Games

Sum Age Crossfold will not be changed to release

Recently, domestic PC online shooters are increasing. Crosses in which the thumb is prepared, the Military FPS is a new work, and it is presented in the global market through steam. Especially on the 14th, the schedule came to the concern with the resolution of the user through steam.

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Where Did My Case Closed Status Go ?!? Salesforce Spring '20 Release Update

On the 25th, the Summer said on the 25th, I am preparing to release internally, and there is no change in the current schedule. The thumb is that it would be presented in the past this year, and he added that he would release the crows to steam, and it is still not changing the plan.

Crows is a new development of a PC shooter as a thumb-up developer company that is gathered by Back Seung-hoon, a well-known Back Sung Hewn, who is well known as a gradual attack. Open World based on reality and provide two modes that perform missions to perform missions in combat between the camps and components of the camps that are stretched by multiple users.

The game was released for the first time in September last year, and I disclosed the play video through the game’s Scots held in August this year. Since then, we entered the test from November and entered the launch of full-scale release.

Black Ops Games

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Warzone Warzone The Movie Published Japanese Dubulent Short Videos

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooting video game Established by Trey arch and also Raven Software application as well as edited by Activision, released November 13, 2020, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection as well as Windows. This is the 5th game of the Black Ops collection, as well as a lot more usually the seventeenth of the Call of Duty collection.

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Activision has published the video entitled Black Ops Cold War: The Movie on YouTube. About 20 minutes of video, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: War zone are contents that look back on Call of Duty: War zone, and it is full Japanese dubbing. (English version is here) Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone Pacific Season 1 will be released overseas time on December 8. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is on sale on PS5 / PS4 / SO / Xbox One / PC. 【PS4】 Call of Duty Vanguard HERO Rating Z ~ ~ ¥8,690 ~ → ¥7,108 Amazon Rakuten [PS5] Call of Duty Vanguard [HERO Rating Z ~~ ¥9,680 ~ → ¥7,744 Amazon Rakuten

Vice President Games

Kwon Soon seok on the top operating officer of LG Management Strategy and Management Support

Company titles or service titles are provided to firm as well as organization officials to show what duties and responsibilities they have in the company. Such titles are made use of by openly and also privately held for-profit companies. On top of that, many charitable organizations, instructional institutions, partnerships, as well as single proprietorship likewise provide business titles.

The LG CEO Won Bong-seat president was promoted to the vice president. LG was also established on the management strategy and management support sector, and has left his own president and president.

Six members, including LG, LG Sports, LG Management Development Agency, LG Yellow Cultural Foundation, and LG Yellow Cultural Foundation, were conducted by 2022 executives through the Board of Directors: 24th to 25th.

Through this officer, the LG CEO of LG CEO was promoted to the vice president of LG CEO on the LG Top Operation Officer (COO). We have announced an officer greeting for 21 people, including Vice Chairman Won, Bong-seok.

Vice Chairman Won, Bong-seok was evaluated as an LG Electronics CEO, and it was evaluated as achieving the maximum performance through improvement of choice, concentration, and business constitution. In the future, it will be the LG COO as a result of strengthening the future preparation for sustainable growth of LG Group.

Vice Chairman was graduating from LG (formerly, Gold) in 1987, graduating from Seoul National University (Bachelor of Technology), (Finland) Alto MBA (Finland). Since then, he has been acknowledging the ball that has been stably seated in the market of LG Synergy Team Leader, LG Electronics HE Business Market, 2014. At the end of 2019, he led the entire business to the LG Electronics’ leading executive officer.

LG will carry out the Temporary shareholders’ general meeting for the seniority of LG, director of Bong bong SUK, Won Bong — SUK, Jan. 7, next year.

If you are appointed as a company director in a temporary group, the procedure will proceed to discuss the senior issue of the representative director through the board of directors.

LG announced that it was newly established management support. The management support division is scheduled to play a role in the management strategies and management system of the management strategy and the management system that will be responsible for excavating future new businesses and investment in COO. Each affiliate plans to enhance support so that it can be more focused on customer value.

To this end, Hong Bumps, a project strategy team, a project strategy, a project strategy, and a current district vice president, and the president of the Hold Bum, who are the president of the Reunion (CFO), promoted the management support.

President Hair University was assessed that LG’s re-financial and risk management and process mystification were evaluated. In the future, the LG Management Support Sector is governed by reinforcement, legal, ESG, and public relations.

□ 2021

■ Vice Chairman Promotion

Won Bongos Vice Chairman COO [Current LG Electronics]

■ Probe promotion

Head Barring President CFO and Management Support

■ Exit promotion

Policy / Brand Team Leader

■ Commerce

Kim Kyung-hwan, Public Relations / Brand Team Publicity [Current LG Electronics]

■ Move (5 people)

Park Joon-sung Exit ESG Team Leader [Current LG Chem]

AHN, Jun-Hong,

Chapter Length of the Jean-Global Legal / Compliance (LG Plus]

Join Bin Mutual Future Investment Team Leader [Current LG Chem]

Lee Ho-young’s business support (current LG Electronics]

△ S & I Corporation

■ CEO seniority and vice president promotion

Movement Vice President CEO

■ Exit promotion

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Hwang Jun-oh

△ teeth

■ Commerce (2)

Kim Jin-hyuk

Lee Sundae

△ LG Sports

■ CEO senior

Kim Insect Vice President CEO [Current LG Management Development Institute]

△ LG Management Development Institute

■ Vice President Promotion

SEO Dong He Vice President Due to Management TFT Chapter [Current LG Display]

■ Executive Promotion

Executive Institute baegyeonghun AI

■ Senior Executive (2 persons)

Yangseongjik Business

Lee, Whey — Young Business

■ Senior Research Fellow (Managing Director) elected (two)

Gimseunghwan Senior Research Fellow

Choejeonggyu Senior Research Fellow

△ LG cultural soft rock foundation

EXAMENSTRESS! #irritatie/frustratie
■ Senior Executive

Hymn Jung Lee LG Art Center for Business

War Games

Nambering sequel Men of War II announced for the first time in 13 years World War II Real Time Strategy

God of War II is a computer game of activity and also experiences established by Santa Monica Workshop and published by Sony Computer system Entertainment (SHE). Introduced for the very first time for the PlayStation console 2 On March 13, 2007, it is the 2nd installment of the GOD OF WAR series, the sixth chronologically as well as the sequel to God of War of 2005. The game is based on Greek and also set folklore In old Greece, with revenge as a central motive. The player’s character is the lead character Rates, the new God of war that killed the very first, Ares. Rates is betrayed by Zeus, the king of the Olympic gods, who removes him from the divinity of him as well as kills him. He dragged gradually to the abyss, he is saved by Titan Gaia, who tells him that he locates the sisters of destiny, as they can permit him to travel over time, stay clear of betraying him as well as from Zeus.
The gameplay resembles the previous delivery. It focuses on Combo-based combat that is achieved with the primary weapon of the player, the Arena swords, and also the additional tools acquired throughout the video game. It has fast occasion events that require gamers rapidly full several activities of the game controller to beat enemies and greatest employers. The player can use up to 4 magic assaults as well as a skill to boost power as different fight choices. The game additionally includes problems and platform elements. Contrasted to your precursor, God of War II presents boosted problems and four times extra employers.
God of War II has been acclaimed as one of the most effective video games of all time and one of the most effective sequela of video game ever before made, and also was the PlayStation year’s video game in the Golden Joystick Awards. In 2009, IGN included it as the 2nd ideal video game of PlayStation 2 of all time, and both IGN and also Game spot consider it the swan singing of the PlayStation Period 2. In 2012, the Intricate publication designated God of War II as the fourteenth ideal PlayStation 2 video game of all time. It was the very successful game in the UK throughout the week of its launch as well as marketed 4.24 million copies all over the world, ending up being the fourteenth video game of PlayStation 2 ideal marketing all time. God of War II, together with God of War, was remastered as well as released on November 17, 2009, as part of God of War: Collection for PlayStation 3. The remastered version was relaunched on August 28, 2012, as part of God of War Legend, likewise for PlayStation 3. In February 2013 a novelization of the game was published.

1C Entertainment and Best Way announced the MEN OF WAR II which is the latest production of the real-time strategy game series appeared in 2009. Since its debut, this work has created multiple expansion and spin-off works, but in Men of War II, it will return to the series roots and rebuild and redefine RTS gameplay.

In the game system, the Front Line, which is the basis of the exciting dynamic battle, and pushing forward with the front in each battle, DIRECT VISION which can be further observed and upgraded and repairing one unit, and in the series so far Two Story Campaigns (up to 5 online co-OP possible) and the series of online multiplayer in series are characterized in the two-story campaigns that were spotted in combat and scenarios that were not seen.

Introduced advanced AI to familiar real tom strategy gameplay

Direct historical accurate units with unique equipment, fight and destroy buildings. Environmentally changed with time, hiding place, we made an optimal strategy plan using a wide tactic, and eliminated enemies that improved powerful AI command. Using the Direct Control feature, you can manage any single unit on the field at any time, with equipment and vehicle changes, upgrades, and repairs. In addition to the old-fashioned combat system, let’s experience the power of the World War II series with the longest history throughout the new gameplay function.

Single player experience like movie

Through the two campaigns of the United States and Soviet Union, you will face the third empire and experience a magnificent story. From the first desperate and cruel battle of World War II, from the important victory to Berlin, the Soviet hills, villages, the village of the European, the ruins of the city, Marin.

Hat tower Multiplayer match and cooperative play

Experience the cooperative play with the largest multiplayer of the series. Choose your power and try to fight with other players, or fight advanced AI with other players. Realized out pounds and challenge maps are available, and you can make strategic strategies. Plan for attacks in cooperative play and win the fight with your friends.

Various historically accurate unit

Men of War II, such as a tank with a catastrophic destructive power, a model of armed and artificers that has been reproduced in reality, three powers, 45 squadrons, 300 vehicles, so far It has the most extensive and definitive second World War II, Vehicles, and Characters.

Amazing Graphic and Enchanting Sound Design

Experience the usual battlefield from a new perspective. All places are destroyable and realistic physics, and sound design with immersive sounds and reproduced. Men of War II can be used to get tactical superiority, such as bridges, rivers, buildings, forests, and an infinite strategic option is opened.

Complete MOD Support

You can create and share your own war scenario using special level design and MOD tool sets dedicated to Men of War II. Everything is up to you, such as creativity, vision, skills. Tactical potential is infinite.

Men of War II, which is the first number of 13 years, Men of War II will be released 2022 in STEAM and other stores for PC. Correspondence to Japanese is also included.

Racer Kraken Green Gaming Headset
~ ~ ¥6,480 ~ → ¥6,041



Racer Kraken Mercury White Gaming Headset
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SOLDIERS: HEROES of WW2 - past blasts retro-review

Dwg Kia Games

LOL Zefa returns to DWG KIA to reinforce the technical body of 2022

DWG KIA, typically described as DAMON KIA (Korean: 담원 기아) and formerly referred to as DAMON Video gaming (abbr. DWG; Korean: 담원 게이밍), is a South Korean professional esports company. Its Organization of Legends team competes in the LACK, the high-level league for the video game in South Korea.
DWG won their first LACK title on 5 September 2020 after defeating DR in the 2020 LACK summer season finals. 8 weeks later on 31 October 2020, Damon won the 2020 Globe Champion after a leading go through the team and also knockout stages as well as a 3– 1 success over Tuning in the grand finals.

DK vs. T1 | Worlds Semifinals Day 1 | DWG KIA vs. T1 | Game 1 (2021)
DWG KIA is one of the squads that are in the process of renovation. Due to the theme of Kim Khan Dong-Ha with the South Korean military service, the 2021 World Subcampeón needs reinforcement. Added to the above, three of its key pieces entered into free agency and still do not sign renewal. This does not mean that everything is collapsing: there is also good news for those who supported the 2020 team.

Through a Facebook publication, DWG KIA confirmed its first signing for the 2022 season. It is not a superstar in one of the rails, rather it is an old member of the technical body. We talked about Lee Zeta Jae-won, South Korean Professional Educator who directed several teams at LACK. Within his history, we find Kingdom Monster, Africa Frees and T1. Although it’s relationship with Lee’s squad Faker Sang-Hyeok finished abruptly at the end of the summer split.

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Zeta was out of action after what happened with T1. The now former team came to Worlds 2021 with a technical body that managed to push the train to the semifinals of the competition. He played against DWG Kia, another old house of Zeta, who won him to play the grand final against Edward Gaming.

With the subcampeonate and the active signing market, the organization was done with the services of ZETA. Within the technical body is Yang Deny Darwin and Kim Coma Jong-un, with whom he already worked in 2019 when they directed the Super T1.

At the time of publishing the note, only Gang Ghost Yong-Jun is located in the titular form. DWG KIA also suffered some casualties on the coaches, taking a step on the side of Kim Ares Minion and Lee Kathmandu Jeong-Hyeon.

There are still a few weeks left to finish the signing market for the beginning of 2022. What it means, the Quintet of DWG KIA may be arriving. There were rumors of a renovation of Shoemaker and Kim Canyon Geon-bu next to a new lower lane. However, none of that is official.