Astellia Online

This is what my Renath s The Marsh Ghost Director Edition is the chapter of the island to deepen the protagonist shape again

In the on the horse war announced that the director version is to introduce the DLC appended chapter, it is very curious to play what new tricks can be played.

Seriously, this article is already too rich in the horse: Returning the Mongolian army, helping the island people to liberate the occupied village, pay attention to the shrine, visit the four-party lake, the hot spring, write a sentence, touch the fox (?) …, plus many The player has already got fully satisfied with the peer plot of the companion, general evaluation and even better than the main story. Under this very complete situation content, it is not easy to regenerate fresh goods. However, Sucker Punch (hereinafter referred to as SP Society) did done.

In the director version, in the relay islands between Jiuzhou and the horse – 岐 is a new map, it is nearly one-third of the discresolated content, except for new equipment, skills, collect elements, and more Many interactive wild animals, even many natural landforms have shown different and beautiful in Mary Island. More importantly, when we think that there is nothing to play on the plot, just to fight the Mongolian army, the screenwriter of the SP is once again brought the player to surprise, trying to use the character’s self-question, explore the more deep psychological struggle of the characters .

As for the focus of this refund, it is no longer only focused on the distinctive comrades or enemies around the protagonist, but returns to the protagonist – the situation of the situation.

Although the main line of the previous situation has been outlined from the distinction between the big people from the warrior to the war, it can be said that it is a complete Hero Tour, and the characters seem to be full. However, after a strange tribe, the player took the player in the memories of Ren, and he once again remembered that he had a long-lasting dream: that is, the father was killed in front of him, and the young himself was I have no power, that is always the past.

(The following is of course spoiler, please pay attention to yourself)

记 响: Ren’s responsibility

As a warrior that is ideal in martial arts or personality, the situation is always righteous and strong, and the painful memory will always be resistant to the ghost, the trend, the trend. It is necessary to be good at resting your self-emotion, it is a virtue learned when he is a warrior. But with the story of 岐, this self-made begins to shake: Because it is the father of the benevolent, the suffering of the defeated dog is dead.

When you ship the sea to the horse, the screenwriter is also very interested in hiding the family of the family, because many years ago, the warrior who was headed by the Maitic, who was headed, the warrior, the warrior is not The popular figures, and people in the situation wells are more regarded as floods. Single from this immunity, it will premonce the chapter of the 壹. The result is not expected, not only this land itself hooks the heart of the heart, the new hostile tribe leader. Gangye, also saving salt on the wound.

Shortly after I was on the Island, I was captured because of a powerful Mongolian warrior. I was sent to the chief of the chief. Like Heldan, Gangye also tried to cage the kernel as its effectiveness. With a martial art, Herthan, as a pure military leader, is different, and Gang Eagle also is also a traditional belief, medical and witchcraft. In order to essentially completely kill, the island, she is strongly forced to take the poison (the Habi is called God of God), although the toxicity of this secret medicine does not take human life, but will cause illusion, let people see itself Painful memory. And the toxicity is too long, the illusion will only become more and more intense.

The same is the same, it is barely escaped from the Mongolian military account, which is the hardship between him and the memory confrontation. Whenever you see, you will like it, and those who are taboo will climb out from the heart of the heart, and the dark cages cover four wild:

Seeing the roadside grave, I turned the masculus of the masters to bury her children, repent the figure; seeing the horses of the wilderness, I showed his loyal guardian, and finally unfortunately sacrificed the love of the horse; seeing the fisherman Because of the livelihood, _ should take him to lead the dragon three-like _; see the miserable body that is cut down the head, the civilians are the lascapped body, I appear to help him and suffer from Helong sweat, that day, but brave and kind Forgotten friends: filial piety …

These randomly triggered events are spread all over the entire Island. Even, whenever you tried to assassinate the army, the laughter of the Gangye will also sound in the mind of the benevolence, as if remind him: it is because of the means of being a warrior, and lost the honor of the warrior and The trust of 舅. Although the scenery is so beautiful, the journey of benevolencers here will inevitably be more uncomfortable than in Ma Ben Island – because of the poison of the gossic, because of this lost personnel, for the benevolence, It is an endless sin.

影 形: 愧 is in the situation

It is not uncomfortable with the sin of the performance of the characters. The most classic example should be Silent Hill 2 (2001). At this generation, I have become the triangle of the horror of classic totems, and the reflection of the protagonist James itself has passed the crime, symbolizes and the trial of self.

Xiaodao Xiufu has also done a fun attempt to this topic. In the Snakers (MGS3, 2004) process in the Snake Snake (MGS3, 2004) process, players will fight with the Cension Snake Brigade: The Sorrow fights. …… Well, it is not very accurate, because the Sorrow at this time has already died, we actually interact with his spirit. The Sorrow, known as the Bulk Soldier, has the ability to communicate with the deceased, summon the spirit of the spirit. In this BOSS Battle, he will force us to go through the water, pass through a long river that seems to have not ended, and floating from the player, it is until there are, all kill in the situation. The enemy ghost, which even includes a parrot that will speak people ….

That is to say, if the player killed more people in MGS3, when the Sorrow is level, there will be more deceased souls. With the author’s first time to get the title of Gasfish, the situationplay of the big four-party situation has been used as an example. At that time, it was simply a corpse. It is said that if the player will sneak through the whole process, do not kill the enemy outside the BOSS, the Sorrow will appear very cold. Perhaps Xiaodao Xiufu intends to use this spiritual bridge, highlights a certain black humor, or let the players reflect on the meaning of killing in the situation. In short, such a creativity is quite novel in this idea even today.

The Marsh Ghost Director Edition is relatively simple in this regard. As mentioned in the foregoing, it is a very simple trick, , then projected memory flash in the form of an illusion. However, the effect is very good, and: As long as the player has more investment in the island’s adventure process, it will be more intense to the psychological impact.

I will never forget that there is no early warning to see the filth of filming in the roadside. It is really shocking to completely say no. In an instant, it seems to bring me back to that moment: sad anger, despair, self-blame, hate, then, want Herbone sweat to be bloody! Returning to reality, such a plot is paved, and it is indeed a successful player’s hatred value to the Hoshan.

Interestingly, the brutal aggression of the Mongolian army did born to pick up the charcoal, but for the people of 岐, the situation of the martial arts brought more than many years ago, but it is not paid by the current Yuan Yun. With the footsteps of the benevolence, we know: The one is advocated by the land of the island, and is a well-known situation in the martial arts. It is also considered to be a scorpion.

Astellia Online (Warrior)

子 情仇: Way to enhance

This is a sense of tuning in the chapter of this. As sole, the player only had a regret in the benevolence, thinking about what a warrior of his father is. However, the people of the 岐 told us that when it was able to succeed in killing the scorpion, how old is it for them! Even became the anti-storm legend of the gathering of the township. How many people have lost their parents, hands and feet, friends, homes in that paramount time …, when we travel here, you can hear this kind of sad past from the local population.

In particular, the Tuma Triassing Field is completely a classic representative of a positive iron ride. We have now come here, the extremely and a tender green field, no smoke, but under the green leaves, moss, climbing vine, the Star is scattered in the house. At first glance, there is quite a flavor of science fiction. This is the case, all because of the Tuma Treasury Saee executed in the past.

The situation in the situation is in the life of the land, leaving the sea to sweeping the stream, maybe it is a big grabbing banner, but a long time in the blade, it seems that all kinds of kindness. It is not just a pirate and armed farmers, even their home women, or other unrelated people, it is also unlikely under the rumor of the grass. The variety of cruel, and it all saw the benevolence of the year. We understand this: Ren is actually concealed for players. In the past, he lets us know, never the whole picture of 壹 岐 刽 …

_: I barely know him. He will show a real side on the battlefield. _

This is like Harry. Potter was convinced that he had a good father’s father and a good magician; but after seeing the dark memory of stone, he only knew Jame after the dull memory of stone refinement. Potter in the era of the student, in fact, there are also the history of the big, Breakfast students. Different situations: Benevolence knew that his father’s brutal bloody atrocities, simply killing industries. In the previous situation story, the SP community has not exposed the murderer of the situation in the situation (the top more in the basic dyes of the alarm armor, named The Returning Recent, now Going back to see this part of the treatment, in fact, there is a little narrative trick taste.

From the perspective of humanity, the memories of benevolence will be reserved, and they want to come because he is always reluctant to think of the father’s evil, and only hope that our own progeny is a model worthy, even, even, It is a received legend . Ren must not accept the practice of the war and the civilian people, but if there is a difference between the interaction with it, you are eager to get the father’s identity (what is said, it is also your own father …). His personal contradictory struggle is struggling.

Landing in the island, forcing all the relationship between himself and his father, and a positive life, how to evaluate: The legendary warrior well is a normal, after all, there is hard to agree The evils. After re-recognizing this, benevolence can bid farewell to his father, categorically demonstrate a tyranny, martial arts, and go out of its own Renzhi. It is like the tissue of the island, which is also the good taste of the island’s people on the island.

语: Strong and sad legend

The predecessor is of course one of the focus of the horse’s new chapter story, but the experience of the island can bring us more than this. For example, the situation will be ridiculous with the memories of the late mother, and the and animal interaction is connected together, and the side wrote the benevolence because the mother teachs to develop a generous personality. Others have a big hundred thief that has already died, how to rely on resurrection, blessing in the gods; in Tudian Touch Village Ancient battlefield is suspected to encounter the adventure of land gods, etc. Of course, when Ren is the role of killing the fever, how to make the right and reasonable choice between retaliation and forgiveness, its performance is strong, it is simply a textbook presenting related topic (in If you don’t burst out, please take a good experience.

On the basis of Hig Ghost this article, the chapter of the 岐 is further strengthened, deep the inner world of the protagonist, in addition to deepening the resonance of the player, undoubtedly sublimating the narrative of the whole work again to a new high. We are not only like the Maimin, but also more agreement of the war as a legend, and everything that is supported by the benevolent, and even happened in this land. Fortunately, even if there have been countless pain, it will eventually ushered.

When he was officially preparing to carry out new journeys with his father’s shadow, gentle and firmly prepared to carry out new journeys, and finally made people have been gratified, couldn’t help but wanted to shoot the shoulders, and said to him: You really –well-done!

Extension Read

Talk about the Marshal battle system: mixed each character, go out of his own warrior soul

For the horse war battle system for the battle system: chemical simplification, the action situation created for the public

For the horse war story mediocre? On the details and charm of the plot: Dragon San as an example

NHL 19

ELYON Tips and Tips for Getting Started

Play one of the 6 classes available to start your journey and protect the world from a demonic invasion. But after having lent allegiance to the vulpins or Ontaris, beware of the opposing faction. With all his activities possible, starting in ELYON can quickly become complicated, leaving the free field to your enemies to hunt off.

Tester and experience the different classes

Climb up is very simple in ELYON, allowing to discover the different classes in just a few hours. It is therefore interesting to create a character of each in order to explore the potential of each. In addition to offering a good overall vision on the capabilities of each class, it allows you to accommodate you with the main keys of the game, and thus modify them in consequences to facilitate your grip.

But experiencing the different classes also makes it possible to visit the strengths and weaknesses of each of them to adapt there afterwards. It is therefore a great way to learn how to counter a class during PVP clashes, or avoid it as needed. It is also possible to focus on their spells and variants to establish synergies based strategies between multiple classes.

Mastering fight, combos and their subtleties

Start in ELYON request to look at the combat system, possible skills, variants and combos. In addition to defining the usefulness you will have during clashes, the combos make it possible to carry out impressive actions with various and varied effects. You can strengthen an attack, add a lifestyard effect or repelling your attackers. However, you have to avoid spamming the keys anywhere. Whenever an action is requested, it is put on hold in the console. The spam is therefore likely to break the combos rather than actually bring a value.

But the control of combat also goes through the use of different variants of skills to enjoy different effects. Take the time to discover all these variants and test them in different combinations is the best way to personalize your experience. You can thus be more oriented around the control, raw damage or defense. It is also possible to be more versatile, even if it mitigates the power of each branch.

harvest, manufacture and action points

The trades and the Farm are at the heart of optimization in ELYON. Recovering the slightest resource is therefore very important and must be done as soon as possible to use the first points of action. The latter are limited and recharge slowly over time. Like a gacha, so it is important to use them as soon as possible, in order to let them recharge and start harvesting. Thanks to this, you can easily mount your trades, and thus start in the high level optimization very quickly.

If the fabrication trades do not ask for action points, they, however, ask you a lot of time and patience. Manufacturing takes a long time, 10 seconds per object, and does not ensure the creation of usable equipment. However, it is necessary to mount them quickly to limit the number of unusable materials created. But it also allows you to start creating more robust equipment from the top level.

Small tips on ELYON

Boss are present everywhere in the open world. These can be activated through very rare idols, and killed by all players nearby. Try to stay close to these monsters during your quests to throw you when one of them is animated. These monsters have resources in large quantities and some equipment.

Focusing quickly on your levels to reach level 42 as quickly as possible. There will be no more than to focus on your optimization to prepare PVP clashes.

So much for info, tips, guides and tricks to start well in ELYON. This will allow you to better understand the game and attack you with all the necessary knowledge.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost of Tsushima How to get the horse armor of Iki Island

The last expansion of Ghost of Tsushima leads Jin Sakai to the beautiful but hostile coasts of a nearby island where Raiders and Mongols have their name on a white list. For this reason, it is important that Jin not only protect himself, but also to his faithful Horse, which means recovering the armor that carries the horse of his father. Here is How to get the horse armor of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get the horse armor from Iki Island

To get the horse armor of Iki Island, you will have to face the mythical story The legacy of Kazumasa Sakai, which you will learn from the assailants of the east coast of the island. # 39; Island in Zash Bay. Initially you will be asked to feel and listen to the assailant story about Jin’s father, but after Jin does not agree with the version of the facts of him, he expel it. To listen to the rest of the story, you must pierce yourself in the strength of him and listen to them.

How Big Is The Map In Ghost Recon Wildlands?

To sneak into the fort, go to the left of the entrance, then go up and enter the building opposite, then go down a staircase. Be careful not to be seen, since this is (unfortunately) a forced stealth sequence that will fail if they detect it.

With the rest of the story, addressing a shipwrecked ship in front of the coast, it’s time to get there. Climb the cliff in front of the Fortress of the Incursor.

Now place in the masts using the R2 trigger to use your grip hook.

You will reach a rock cave with a shipwrecked ship that crashed into a rock. Use your grip hook to pull the mast down, then you can go back and use it to move to the next area. Then you will fall into a puddle of water.

Swim in the first passage, then in a second below which can happen (photo above). From there you will find another mast to tear down. Do that, then come back to the first area where it fell.

Locate the shipwrecked ship’s helmet and use your grip hook to remove the support below so you can climb it, climb the cliff and balance you from the mast that you went down before. Next, you will find yourself on another sunken ship.

Use your hook again to lower the mast. This time it will fall and create a bridge that you can cross. Now you can see your goal in the distance. Now you should jump several small rocks, taking care not to let you carry from the incoming waves.

Finally, you will end up on the boat where you can pick up your prize.

As you can see above, the Sakai horse armor makes the new load capacity of your horse even more powerful. Now inflicts 50% more damage and is capable of eliminating raw enemies with a single blow.

And he does it for our * how to get the horse armor of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima *. If you are looking for even more help, be sure to consult our Wiki guide.

If you have any practical advice you discovered on your own, be sure to let us know leaving a comment below!

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FIFA World

The update of GENSHIN IMPACT will add new islands

The next impact of Genshin Update, version 2.1, Floating World under the Light of the Moon, may not be as big as the previous update that added the completely new nation of Inazuma, but seems to be quite significant in its own right. For example, the MiHoyo developer has revealed that the update of version 2.1 will add two new islands to the Seirai Islan and Watatsumi Island video game. And before the update, which will be launched on September 1, the developer has shared new details about both.

The World Islands Dubai | $14 BILLION bet on Man-made Islands
According to Mihoyo, the island Watatsumi is west of the Yashiori Island in Inazuma and has a series of waterfalls and highlands. In addition, the Sanctuary Sangonomiya is in the middle. As for Seirai Island, it is south of Narukami Island and has areas with high levels of electro element covered by deadly storms. It seems that it is not a particularly nice place to visit, but also one that could hide a good amount of intrigues and treasures.

You can see more about the two new islands that will come impact from Genshin below:

In version 2.1, two new islands will be introduced in Inazuma, Isla Seirai and Watatsumi Island. Both have different customs, let’s discover these mysterious places together!

See all the details >>>

  • Impact of Genshin (@gnshinimpact) August 26, 2021

As indicated above, impact of Genshin the new update, version 2.1, Floating World under the Light of the Moon, will be launched on September 1 and will add three new characters: Raiden Shogun, Kokomi and Kujou Sara, as well as new islands , new events, and more. Empact of Genshin Version 2.0, the motionless god and eutyia eternal, is the most recent important update of the title and brought with it new characters, missions and more for the popular videogame. Empact of Genshin itself is currently available, for free, for PLAYSTATION 4, PLAYSTATION 5, PC and mobile devices. The videogame will also be launched eventually for Nintendo Switch. You can consult all our previous coverage of the popular free title here.

Have you been playing impact of Genshin What is the latest version? Are you waiting for what the developer has reserved next? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Director s Cut Test Always so sharp on PS5

Song of the swanned swan of a PS4 then on the point of giving way to a PS5, finally out of constant stock, _ Ghost of Tsushima _ Himed us last year. And here it arrives again, but on PS5, with an extension in its wallet!

The game had already been embellished with free content during the year – with a new game + and a multiplayer mode entitled Legends – but this time it’s a real solo adventure to which we are entitled, in a New place, Ikki Island!

Ghost Recon Wildlands - First Time Playing

The Ile of the Dead Queen

During one of his adventures on the Island of Tsushima, our dear Jin Sakai will fall nose to face with a band of Mongols different from those of Khotun Khan. These are scouts of the tribe of the eagle, another formidable Chief Mongol who has invaded Ikki Island. The latter makes all the inhabitants crazy with a poison, torture the others to the well-medieval flame, and is preparing to do the same with Tsushima. Rather than letting them come, Jin will then decide to go beating them on this small lopin of earth, known to be a hacker’s lair. It is on this island, during a bloody judgment, that Jin’s father lost his family, and his family is now hated. He will have to act in submarine, and who more is himself under the influence of the poison of the eagle, who will do it completely delirious and relive many times the death of his paternal.

To cooperate with the pirates, Jin will have to hunt the invaders, while keeping his coverage intact so as not to grill by his allies, and make peace with his inner demons related to his father. A whole program, which is obviously followed even if it does not shine by its originality and that some scriptwrites are as visible as the nose in the middle of the figure. Ikki, like Tsushima, is very beautiful, offers new types of vegetation, new colors, and has its own landscapes able to sell you dream and a trip to feudal Japan while staying in your living room. Visually, _ Ghost of Tsushima _ is still crazy enough, and supported by a very good soundtrack, either in VF or in.

The ghost of Ikki

Question Playability, we stay on an AAA Sony formula with a very effective specifications that has already been proven on titles like the last Spider-Man or Horizon Zero Dawn, with a nice action playability, always fluid movements, Some improvements to unlock and exploration to resell. Nevertheless, we can make a few reproaches. On the fights in particular. Even more than last year on PS4, we were struck by their rough appearance: no lock, which does not help when you are accompanied by ten NPCs who are fighting at your side (but on whom I have to tap, Me? ) But also and especially a camera that has an unfortunate tendency not to look in the right direction and requires constant attention. Or a certain resignation to type on outside enemies, at the choice. A new enemy will make his appearance, the shaman of the eagle, and the latter improves in a very violent way your enemies with his songs, which become ultra-annoyed, even in easy difficulty. To kill in priority, so.

New attacks are there too. Finally, a new attack on horseback. You will be able to crush your enemies in exchange for your valuable determination. But clarify their ranks at the beginning of a fight, more certainly with the confrontation! To see the end of the main quest, it will only want a few hours. No more than three in a straight line. Nevertheless the island of Ikki is full of secrets, and if its size is about twice below one of the basic game regions, you will have something to do. New objects to be collected make their appearance, including souvenirs from the Father to confront, or animal sanctuaries or it will be necessary to play the flute in Guitar Hero mode with the joystick gyroscope to make a hug to a cat or a deer. We always take a lot of pleasure to do all these small detours between two goals, to reveal all the question marks of the card following the wind. Everything is always rather contemplative, and it falls rather well seen what will follow.


If the artistic direction is always so crazy and that the game was already very beautiful on PS4, on the last born of Sony, it is still a little better: the 60 fps becomes constant and the resolution is improved, all It is therefore more enjoyable for your retinnes. If you play your PS4 version on PS5, you will only be allowed at leap in terms of images per second. The loads obviously benefit from the performance of the machine and range from a small second to four or five depending on the complexity to display where you will teleport. The dualsense is not left out with intelligent use. The haptic vibrations are obviously the functionality that will be the best brought to light, the trustees that resist when using the arc or grapple are rather discreet and the same goes with the sounds of the joystick, rather Rare. If you have not already completed the adventure on PS4, so that’s a nice way to do it.

But if it’s already the case, the question arises a little more, even if several purchase options will be offered: yes, no free upgrade this time, and it’s the DLC that will allow To justify this: If you go with zero and want to play the game on PS5, it is 80 € at the launch for the total. 70 on PS4. But if already have the game, the PS5 upgrade containing the Ikki island will cost 30 €. And if you have not yet pushed PS5 and want to improve your PS4 version to play the _ Director’s Cut _ on your old machine, it’s 20 €. And 10 more if adventure you have managed to get their hands on the precious time. Note also that investing in a PS5 upgrade will not give access to the DLC on PS4: if you want to score 100% trophy on both machines, it will be necessary to spend twice at the crate! And these are now quite numerous, with no less than five additional lines related to the various free DLCs or not, and a true rain of trophies when you launch the game for the first time on PS5 by loading your PS5 backup or you had it ended ! On the other hand, this is not a real cross save function: can not resume the PS5 part on PS4. The transfer is only possible in one direction. In short, if you are in the case where you already have the game, you are with all the information you need to weigh the pros and cons when to a possible investment in this _ GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Director’s Cut _.

Black Gold Online

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Tips So you defeat all bosses and duels

A new enlargement for Ghost of Tsushima means new enemies and Iki Island has a lot to offer. However, some of the biggest threats can be found in the new bosses. Two of them are fought over the main history, while a mythic tale is available. However, watch all three below Beware of spoilers .

  • Khunbish – encountered in the story mission Lightning in the Storm. Begins with a shield and a spear, but when he loses the shield, he can switch between the spear and the double swords back and forth. You have a lot of time to change styles, so do not turn to adapt to the change of weapons. Keep all the non-blockable attacks (indicated by red flash) in the eye and beat back accordingly.
  • Black Hand Riku – found in the mythical history The Legend of Black Hand Riku, which is unlocked after completion of A Raider’s Return. Despite the ominous air around him, Black Hand Riku does not pose too much threat. Parish his attacks accordingly and counter immediately after being adopted his independent attacks. The only truly surprising trick that Riku performs is to deflect your sword in the middle of a collision. Switches his next blow quickly to avoid damage.
  • The Eagle – the last boss of extension to be found in the Story Mission The Blessing of Death. It is able to fight with sword and daze (which works like a spear) together with unblockable throwing knives. Bring you to 70 percent health and you will take you into a mystical empire, the determination slowly emptied. Survive just long enough and an intermediate sequence is triggered. As soon as this is done, you are back in the real world and can end the Eagle.

In addition to these boss fights, there are some special duels to discover. After completing the Mission Jin from Yarikawa you switch the Hidden Cove Tournament in Fune’s Refuge free. This includes the fight against four different opponents, but with wooden exercise swords. The goal is to meet your opponent five times. If you end five strikes on you instead, the duel is lost.

The four opponents are as follows. Each has its own techniques and must be combated in different ways:

  • Banned monk
  • Brutal robber
  • Murderous dealer
  • Crimson Fisherman (must first defeat the three previous opponents)

Look at the video below with the kind permission of PowerPyx to see how you can beat them. Further details about the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut can be found in our review here.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Dead Island 2 is still in development says CEO Game must be made right

That’s still one thing, I think.

Tote Island was a sensation when it was first released. After an incredible trailer (which the game does not really represent at all, but that’s not the jumping point) and a funny zombie-bashing gameplay loop he was released with great success. But after the original developer had said goodbye, he took the formula himself with on Stable Licht, the continuation of tote island has been in a kind of floating and go through three different developers. Nobody probably expects that it is coming out ever, but Koch Media says that it is still like that.

In an interview at Gamesindustry, Koch Media assured (the parent company of the DQ Nordic’s publisher who owns the license), CEO Klemens Kundradtz, that the game still in development is still developed and she did not worry about the studio changes and help the excessive development time, To do it right.

This is not the first time that we are sure that the game is still in development. Will we ever see it? Dead Island 2 Although? Hell, who knows, but Stable light 2 comes out next year, so there is that.

Tags: Dammbuster Studios, Dead Island 2, PC, PS4, THQ Nordic, Xbox One

War Thunder

The Trailer of Outbreak Island presents a strange environment and gameplay

The 1980 Grand Island hurricane outbreak, additionally known as The Night of the Twisters, was a twister outbreak that generated a series of devastating tornadoes that influenced the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, on Tuesday, June 3, 1980. 7 tornadoes touched down in or near the city that evening, eliminating 5 people as well as injuring 200.
The name typically referred to by Grand Island area locals for the occasion, The Night of the Twisters, originates from the semi-fictionalized book of the exact same name, freely based on the June 3rd, 1980 hurricanes, by writer Ivy Ruckman, which subsequently inspired a made-for-TV movie that premiered on The Family members Network (currently Freeform) in February 1996. While the Grand Island tornado outbreak is best known for the Grand Island tornado family on June 3, the outbreak in its entirety produced 29 hurricanes across two days, as well as created serious damages as far east as Pennsylvania. The outbreak eliminated 5 and injured 413.

At Gamescom, tons of new ads, trailers and sequences have been broadcast in the world. Digital hypetery developers as well as publishers, Tiny Magicians also took the opportunity to unveil a gameplay trailer for Outbreak Island, his latest project. Hypetrain Digital is an independent company that develops video games for PCs and consoles and has worked on games such as Police Stories, Breathedge, Stone Shard and The Wild Eight. The company will enter a new kingdom while Outbreak Island takes players in a unique trip to a sorry place.

The commented trailer starts with a sinister feel before entering a commented part that shows the calm aspects of the island while viewers see tents, campfires and innocent deer wandering in the region. As the trailer advance, the concept of flash photography is introduced and areas and more exciting situations are revealed, including shootings, melee weapons and more.

Outbreak Island follows the trip from Detective Howard Chapman, who is found on the desolate and deserted island following a mysterious event that made the people of Erslen Island crazy. Unfortunately, players are responsible for the exhausting task to investigate the cause of the event and, more importantly, to survive throughout the trip.

Some of the features of the game include the use of a practical camera that can distract people infected and used to gather evidence. Players will also be able to make equipment, medicine and weapons to help them during their travels and can choose to browse stealthily on the island or simply fight face-to-face. The evidence of the camera are essential to solve the mystery.

Outbreak Island does not have a confirmed release date yet, but fans can wish it on Steam here.

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Black Gold Online

Update August 26 BLACK OPS Cold War brings back the autocine map


Image courtesy of Activision

As part of the recent patch note update for Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War, the classic Drive-in map has been added to the game.

Drive-In is a small map that was presented for the first time as part of the original Black Ops downloadable content. Now, as part of the content of the Black Ops Cold War season, the map has been recovered as a 6V6 map.

? Drive-in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
? ️♀️ Double agent: body to body
? Fight with knife 3v3

Put yourself face to face with the opposition in the new Updates of #BlackOpsColdwar. Live now.

  • Call of Duty (@callofduty) August 26, 2021

The map was a popular choice among many players, due to its excellent sniper positions and alleys that lent themselves to assault rifles and light machine guns. Because it is a small map, players are recommended to stay moving and are aware of their surroundings.

The fans had been anticipating the addition of Drive-in to the modern game, as it was announced as part of the road map of the 5th season of the Cold War. Another map, zoo, to the game, even if fans can expect to see it towards the Reloaded Half of Seasoning.

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War began on August 13 and will be extended until October 7. The Reloaded mid-season update will probably be launched early and mid-September.

Rules Of Survival

Chaptering the Camera to Weapons Subset Island Survival Outbreak Island Trailer

Rules of Survival game trailer
The trailer of the new survival game OUTBREAK Island developed by Tiny Magicians has been released by IGN. This work has loses sanity at the mysterious experiment, and the authorities are staged from outside world because the authorities are concealed. Players are secretly landed as criminals, and will continue to follow the truth of the incident while surviving from various dangers. OutBreak Island scheduled to be distributed to Windows for Windows, observing the attention of infected people and observing the behavior of the local residents from a separate place, or shooting the behavior of the local residents is.