Here the first opinions of Shang

After more than a year without offering a fully focused experience to theaters, Marvel is finally ready to introduce _ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings _ next September 3 exclusively in the cinema halls , without a plan to take this tape to Disney + that same day. In this way, Some people have already had the opportunity to see the tape, and these are their comments.

Usually, Acceptance is quite positive, with many pointing out that action is something that had not been previously seen in the MCU. This was what Brandon Davis of Comicbook commented on:

Shangchi is amazing. This movie fulfills everything Marvel does well (rhythm, humor, character) and add action as we had never seen in the MCU!

Darker than expected. Too much fun. Integral to Phase 4 of MCU!

Shangchi is awesome. This Movie Hits All That Marvel Does Well (Pacing, Humor, Character) and Adds Action Like We’ve Never Seen from The MCU Before! ???????????????????????????

Lots of People Are About To Have A New Favorite Marvel Hero.

DARKER THAN EXPECTED. Loads of Fun. Integral to MCU Phase 4! ???? pic.twitter.com/yi3jkwluq6.

  • BD (@brandondavisbd) August 17, 2021

On the other hand, Kirsten Insider Acuna is more than happy with the team of actors:

Shangchi is fantastic. It is full of incredible, beautifully choreographed fighting scenes and full of rude women. Get ready to know the name of Simu Liu if you still do not know. Marvel has another success in his hands.

Shangchi is fantastic. It’s Full of Incredible, Beautifully Choreographed Fight Scenes and Full Of Badass Women. GET READY TO KNOW SIMU LIU’S NAME IF YOU DON’T ALREADY. Marvel Has Another Hit On Its Hands. pic.twitter.com/3efv1kzj7o.

  • Kirsten (@kirstenacuna) August 17, 2021

Similarly, Aaron Couch from The Hollywood Reporter has pointed out that the ribbon is the most exciting of Marvel from endgame:

The crowd of #Shangchi was the most enthusiastic with which I have been from Endgame. He could not hear part of the dialogue of the post-credits scene due to the cheers. Shang and Katy are instant stars of MCU.

The #Shangchi Crowd Was The Most Enthusiastic I Have Been With Since Endgame. Could not HEAR SOME OF THE POST CREDIT SCENE DIIALOGUE DUE TO CHERERING. Shang and Katy Are Instant MCU All Stars pic.twitter.com/tqigqfy6ey

  • Aaron Couch (@aaroncouch) August 17, 2021

Steve Weintraub de Collider has mentioned that this is a fairly unique tape for the MCU:

Shangchi does not look like any Marvel movie you’ve seen. I love that I open the door to a new world that I can not wait to see more. @Simuliu literally kicks many rear and has a perfect cast.

Shangchi is like no Marvel Movie You’ve Seen. Love That It Opens The Door To A New World That I Can not Wait to See More of. @SIMULIU LITERALLY KICKS So Much Ass And He is Perfectly Cast. GOT TO SEE IT IN @IMAX TONIGHT AND THIS IS HOW YOU WANT TO SEE IT. Loooked and sounded perfect pic.twitter.com/43sasxfx3m

  • Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) August 17, 2021

For his part, Drew Taylor from Vanity Fair believes that Shang-Chi can become a favorite Avenger of many people:

Shangchi is an absolute, unexpectedly spiritual and emotionally complex triumph, with some of the best actions of the MCU. @Simuliu is your new Avenger Favorite and the innumerable influences of the film (from Jackie Chan to Haya Hayazaki) paid off her fruits. Amazing.

Shangchi Is An Absolute Triumph, Unexpectedly Spiritual and Emotionally Complex, with some of the Very Best Action in the MCU. @Simuliu Is Your New Favorite Avenger and The Movie’s Myriad Infrunces (Everything from Jackie Chan to Hayao Miyazaki) Pay Off Big Time). ASTOUNNING. ???? pic.twitter.com/72yubnb4kv.

  • Drew Taylor (@drewtailored) August 17, 2021

Finally, Wendy Lee Szany, member of the Hollywood Critics Association, mentions that this tape should be enjoyed on the big screen:

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is phenomenal. Cheer up [Each] Scene of fight / sequence of action is better than the previous one. @Simuliu fully embraces Marvel Superhero’s role. Amazing images. Assassin soundtrack. You will want to see this on the big screen. #Shangchi .

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings is Phenomenal. Get Hyped. Even Fight Scene / Action Sequence is Better Than The Last. @Simuliu Fully Embraces The Marvel Superhero Role. Amazing imagery. Killer Soundtrack. You’ll Want to See this on the Big Screen. #Shangchi.

  • Wendy Lee Szany (@wendyleeszany) August 17, 2021

We remind you that _ shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings_ will reach the movie theaters next September 3 . On related topics, we tell you how many post-crediting scenes the film has.

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