Ghost of Tsushima Director s Cut – All Locations of the Bamboo Strike on Iki Island

Iki Island (壱岐島, Iki-no-shima), or the Iki Island Chain (壱岐諸島, Iki-shotō), is an island chain in the Tsushima Strait, which is administered as the city of Iki in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The islands have a total location of 138.46 square kilometres (53.46 sq mi) with an overall population of 28,008. Just 4 (4) of the twenty-three (23) called islands are permanently occupied. Together with the neighboring islands of Tsushima, they are jointly within the borders of the Iki– Tsushima Quasi-National Park.

Here you explain how to find all the bamboo strikes on Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima: Edition of the Director.

Bamboo strikes are one of the many secondary activities that return in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, and there are some of them on Jin Sakai’s trip through Iki Island. Again, complete these challenges of fast-time events reward you with an increase to solve, a resource that is used in battle to restore health and execute special skills.

It is valuable to have and, therefore, the Bamboo Strikes hunt is worth the effort. Hunting can be a bit annoying unless you are willing to discover each and every one of the icons on the map, so finding them naturally is not always easy. To help, we have compiled a guide that travels all the locations of Bamboo Strike in Ghost of Tsushima: Edition of the Director. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

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Locations of the bamboo strike of Iki Island – …