Ghost of Tsushima How to get the Sarugami armor from Iki Island

The last expansion of Ghost of Tsushima leads Jin Sakai to the beautiful coasts of a nearby island, where it forms team with unlikely allies in another fight against the Mongol invaders. The enemies here are much harder, due to the thickest armor and the battle screams of the chamanes leaders, so you will want to complete your mythic such and get the new set of reinforcement of the game. How to get the Sarugami armor from Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get the Sarugami armor from Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima

To get the Sarugami armor on Iki Island, you will have to pick up the mythical story of the Fune Refuge called The Legend of the Black Hand Riku, which you will arrive after finding it quite early in history. As usual, the story has a narrator that invites you to sit down and listen before you are assigned the task of pointing out your location. This time it is a legendary pirate that wore a special armor.

After listening to the story, go to the area of ​​the map highlighted in the image above. Looking for a bright water pool.

As you can see above, you are looking for an entrance between two cliffs, you will find when looking from above. You should see a climbing point when you are on top, you can use to descend. From there, continue towards a cave until you begin to see monkeys. Finally, it will locate the mysterious cave.

Browse the mysterious cave is quite simple. Just keep lighting the braziers to find your way in the dark and continue until you reach a very strong bright water pool. This is where you will face Black Hand Riku in a duel. It is not particularly difficult to tear down, but be prepared to use a perfect stop and dodging last second to counterattack after you hurry.

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As you can see above, the Sarugami armor is ideal for those who are good to stop because it increases the lethality of the counterattack of Jin. However, the other side is that it deactivates the normal stop, which means that Jin is very vulnerable to incoming blows, unless you can make a perfect stop every time. It is a risk / reward armor that certainly makes fights intense and rewarding considering the accuracy with which you should be with your defense.

As with all sets of reinforcement of the game, the armor of armor can update the Sarugami armor in exchange for supplies and other materials. You can find one at Fune Refuge.

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