Ghost of Tsushima How long does it take to overcome the Iki Island DLC

Ghost of Tsushima is remembered as one of the Cisne song titles of the PS4, but now it is making a great return after the launch of the Director’s Cut edition, which includes a new expansion. But how much content is you really adding? For those who wonder How long is the DLC Iki Island of Ghost of Tsushima? , This is what you need to know.

How long does Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island?

If you have not yet seen our recent function that highlights the exact size of the Map of Iki Island, we recommend that you consult it here.

However, in terms of how long it takes to overcome, our review lasted about 10 hours, and that included a little additional exploration and commitment to other secondary content on the road.

You could review the main story in approximately seven hours if you wanted. On the other hand, the finalists will probably go from 12 to 15 hours completely completing everything that needs to be done. This is because in addition to the same types of ‘unknown places’ that you know in the base game, such as thermal waters, bamboo groves and sanctuaries, Iki Island offers archery challenges. And a combat sand that can take a lot of time for complete.

This should be all you need to know How long does it take to overcome the DLC Iki Island of Ghost of Tsushima? To get more tips and useful information about the game, see the wiki of the full great return guide or take a look at some of the related content we have listed.

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