Ghost of Tsushima How to unlock the armor of the god of war in the Sanctuary of Ash

This week, the developer Sucker Punch Studios launched the ghost of tsushima edition of the director for PlayStation 5, which increases the performance of the game in the new hardware and includes an expansion of the main game history. Found exclusively on the new Iki Island, the supplement for Ghost of Tsushima presents a decent size location for the players to explore and some secrets also to discover.

One of the secret secrets within the expansion of Iki Island for Ghost of Tsushima is a set of armor inspired by the GOD OF WAR franchise. To unlock the Gof of War armor at Ghost of Tsushima, players must find the Sanctuary of Ash on Iki Island and complete its riddle.


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Ghost of Tsushima Players will find the sanctuary of the ash on the east part of Iki Island, a little away from the coast and a little south of the top of the map. Players can use the map below to go directly to the Ash sanctuary or they can venture through the general area and then follow the yellow bird that appears to guide them.

How to complete the puzzle of the Sanctuary of Ash

The players will know that they have arrived at the Sanctuary of Ash almost immediately. Each of the unique sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushimala Iki Island is inspired by a different title from Sony and has some …