Ghost of Tsushima Location of the Carmesian Tint Merchant

The Crimson Dye merchant appears in Ghost of Tsushimanueva Iki Island expansion, and that’s how players can find them to unlock new cosmetics.

For fans familiar with ghost of tsushima , you may already know that there are merchants who can die sets of black and white armor to give Jin Sakai a unique style to attire. However, in the new expansion of Iki Island as part of the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, there is another dealer of dyes to find.

How to get to Iki Island

The crimson dye merchant can be found at Iki Island, which players can access if they have the DLC or the director’s CUT. To get to Iki Island, players must be at least in Chapter 2 of Ghost of Tsushimahistoria. Only then will the Missions line appear in the Iki section of the menu. Players can trace the mission by pressing X on the mission, and the wind will guide players to a settlement that needs to be investigated.

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