Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 How to transfer your PS4 score and starts the story

With the publication of the Director’s Cut, Ghost of Tsushima has gotten the story extension Iki Island donated. If you have already played the action adventure on PS4 and now I want to continue playing PS5, it is easily possible. How, you will learn here. We also tell you how you translated with Hero Jin Sakai to the southeast of the island and starts the addon.

Ghost of Tsushima score from PS4 to PS5 transfer

Have you bought the upgrade for currently 30 euros, there are two ways to transfer your score from the PS4 to the PS5.

Via Cloud: For the most straightforward solution, you need an active PS plus subscription. Fortunately, Ghost of Tsushima does not have to be installed on the hard drive compared to the transfer of many other PS4 games.

If you have the automatic transfer to the cloud, you just have to go to the settings. Here you select the desired memory status, clicks the Options button EURES DualShock and manually loads the data into the cloud.

Via USB / hard drive: If you do not have PS plus, the data can be manually transferred via an external storage medium from the PS4 to the PS5. Here you also go via the settings for your scales, presses the options button and select Transfer to USB storage medium. Of course, you must then connect the stick to the PS5.

In both cases, it is now on the PS5 in the main menu of the Director’s Cut. Here you select transfer PS4 console memory file, selects the corresponding file or files and start it.

So you come to Iki Island and starts the Story DLC

If you are back on Tsushima with Jin, the way to Iki Island is a lighter, albeit for our Samurai no carefree.

If you open the game menu, you will be displayed under Records in a separate tab of the IKI Island-DLC. Here you choose the new mission Journey into the past and travels to the coast of drowned west of Akashima. As it goes on to Iki, you can not miss any more from here, the DLC starts automatically.

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The IKI Island extension in the Director Cut test

If you want to know in advance, whether the upgrade is worthwhile on the Director’s Cut, you will already find the detailed test for action adventure on Director Cut. Here we tell you whether the story enlargement qualitatively approaches the very good main game.

However, you will also experience what content enhancements of the Director’s Cut (Complete Edition) will be available for you compared to the standard version.