How to get out of Iki Island – Ghost of Tsushima

The Mongol invasions of Japan (元寇, Genkō), which happened in 1274 and also 1281, were major military initiatives taken by Kublai Khan of the Yuan empire to overcome the Japanese island chain after the entry of the Korean kingdom of Goryeo to vassaldom. Eventually a failure, the invasion attempts are of macro-historical value due to the fact that they set a limitation on Mongol expansion and also ranking as nation-defining occasions in the history of Japan. The intrusions are referred to in lots of works of fiction as well as are the earliest events for which words kamikaze (magnificent wind) is extensively used, coming from reference to both tropical storms faced by the Yuan fleets.

The invasions was just one of the earliest cases of gunpowder warfare outside of China. Among one of the most significant technical technologies throughout the war was using nitroglycerin, hand-thrown bombs.

The question of how to leave Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima has been in the mind of a group of players who rushed head to the new content and then found themselves incapable of going halfway. This can be a bit frustrating, I’m sure, if you have left a lot of things on the main map you want to return. Of course, people want to know how to get out of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple, as we will show you in our How to leave the island of Iki – Ghost of Tsushima Guide.

How to get out of Iki Island – Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima – How to get out of Iki Island

To get out of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima, you need to complete the missions of history. That is something you should keep in mind before entering Iki Island. Once you start the mission that starts the chain of missions of Iki, Trip to the past, and you will head to the area, you will not be able to leave until all the missions of history are finished. However, do not be discouraged by this; It should only take you from three to four hours to complete these missions and re-wate on the open world. The content of the rest of the map will not go anywhere and, in addition, there is a lot to occupy your attention, such as the puzzle solution of the blood stained sanctuary and the unlock of the crimson red dye merchant.

Then, in short, this is how I leave Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima – Complete the missions of history. Only then can you return to any activity that you have been doing before immersing yourself in the new content. However, I advise you to take your time and enjoy everything Iki Island has to offer. Apart from the main missions, there are many other things in which to swell the tooth. For example, there are several mythic such and secondary missions to complete, animal sanctuaries to visit, fight in the hidden cave tournament, archery challenges and, in general, explore and enjoy the landscape. Iki Island is a beautiful area; It is worth reserving a few moments to breathe it. Especially in PS5.