The adaptation of Vertigo by Pendulo will be released this year but on PC

Microids and Pendulo Studios unveiled a new trailer of Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, the narrative adventure game freely inspired by the 1958 thriller also known at us under the name of cold sweats. First announced for this end of the year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch and PC, the game will finally come out next year on consoles while its output on Steam is now fixed at December 16, 2021 .

This trailer presents Ed Miller, writer released unscathed from a car accident but now prey to intense vertigo. Convinced that he has just lost his wife and daughter at this event, it’s not without a mistrust that ET began a therapy that will lead him to confidence gradually with the Psychiatrist Julia Lomas. It will have to face the reluctance of his patient and plunge into his memories to find out what he has relayed.

After Runaway , YESTERDAY Origins or Blacksad: Under The Skin , Pendulo will try to honor a movie often very well considered in the cinephile rankings. The studio will attempt to appropriate the staging and narrative techniques of Alfred Hitchcock while playing on the themes of obsession, souvenirs, manipulation and madness. The story will be told through the eyes of three protagonists and userra from flashbacks by juggling between reality and misleading memories.


ALFRED HITCHCOCK – Vertigo | Trailer of history