The Trailer of Outbreak Island presents a strange environment and gameplay

The 1980 Grand Island hurricane outbreak, additionally known as The Night of the Twisters, was a twister outbreak that generated a series of devastating tornadoes that influenced the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, on Tuesday, June 3, 1980. 7 tornadoes touched down in or near the city that evening, eliminating 5 people as well as injuring 200.
The name typically referred to by Grand Island area locals for the occasion, The Night of the Twisters, originates from the semi-fictionalized book of the exact same name, freely based on the June 3rd, 1980 hurricanes, by writer Ivy Ruckman, which subsequently inspired a made-for-TV movie that premiered on The Family members Network (currently Freeform) in February 1996. While the Grand Island tornado outbreak is best known for the Grand Island tornado family on June 3, the outbreak in its entirety produced 29 hurricanes across two days, as well as created serious damages as far east as Pennsylvania. The outbreak eliminated 5 and injured 413.

At Gamescom, tons of new ads, trailers and sequences have been broadcast in the world. Digital hypetery developers as well as publishers, Tiny Magicians also took the opportunity to unveil a gameplay trailer for Outbreak Island, his latest project. Hypetrain Digital is an independent company that develops video games for PCs and consoles and has worked on games such as Police Stories, Breathedge, Stone Shard and The Wild Eight. The company will enter a new kingdom while Outbreak Island takes players in a unique trip to a sorry place.

The commented trailer starts with a sinister feel before entering a commented part that shows the calm aspects of the island while viewers see tents, campfires and innocent deer wandering in the region. As the trailer advance, the concept of flash photography is introduced and areas and more exciting situations are revealed, including shootings, melee weapons and more.

Outbreak Island follows the trip from Detective Howard Chapman, who is found on the desolate and deserted island following a mysterious event that made the people of Erslen Island crazy. Unfortunately, players are responsible for the exhausting task to investigate the cause of the event and, more importantly, to survive throughout the trip.

Some of the features of the game include the use of a practical camera that can distract people infected and used to gather evidence. Players will also be able to make equipment, medicine and weapons to help them during their travels and can choose to browse stealthily on the island or simply fight face-to-face. The evidence of the camera are essential to solve the mystery.

Outbreak Island does not have a confirmed release date yet, but fans can wish it on Steam here.

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