Wow brings with patch 9 1 5 a feature that you certainly have served everyone

An old feature exploits: Battle for Azeroth will soon be accessible to solo players. The island expeditions return.

Even if Patch 9.1.5 by World of Warcraft is not playable on the PTR, Blizzard is revealed by piece, which will be stuck in the upcoming update. In addition to some new character adjustments for allied peoples, another detail has now been revealed. One of the big features of Battle for Azeroth is also made accessible to solo players.

What was said? In the European WoW Forum Community Manager Linxy reported to speak. It was explained that Blizzard works on making the island expeditions from Battle for Azeroth also accessible to solo players.

The current plan provides that with patch 9.1.5 all characters can either register alone, two or as usual to third-party island expeditions.

What does that happen? Even if island expeditions were a controversial feature in Battle for Azeroth, as they were for monotonous grind of artifact power, there were a number of players who liked island expeditions. Even now, island expeditions offer hundreds of various rewards that there is nowhere else. These are special mounts, but also interesting transmog sets, numerous toys and also for pet collectors there is a lot.

All this can be brazed in the future solo, so you can no longer depend on a group.

When does it come? A release date for patch 9.1.5 does not exist yet. However, the fame system delivers a possible indication. Because until the 20th of October it is possible to achieve new glory levels. Only then are all characters completely and maximum expanded. That would be a good date to publish patch 9.1.5 shortly thereafter.

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What does Blizzard ask? The island expeditions solo can do is a desire to play the player’s start of Shadowlands. After all, there are numerous successes, toys, ribs and transmog, which looks pretty nice even now.

Since Blizzard with Patch 9.1.5, above all, improvements will make improvements and the players must offer as simple as possible a few contents to bridge the time to 9.2, this is a good opportunity for the island expeditions.

Will you make up the islands and earn all the rewards? Or do not get ten taures on the islands?