Dead Island 2 is still in development says CEO Game must be made right

That’s still one thing, I think.

Tote Island was a sensation when it was first released. After an incredible trailer (which the game does not really represent at all, but that’s not the jumping point) and a funny zombie-bashing gameplay loop he was released with great success. But after the original developer had said goodbye, he took the formula himself with on Stable Licht, the continuation of tote island has been in a kind of floating and go through three different developers. Nobody probably expects that it is coming out ever, but Koch Media says that it is still like that.

In an interview at Gamesindustry, Koch Media assured (the parent company of the DQ Nordic’s publisher who owns the license), CEO Klemens Kundradtz, that the game still in development is still developed and she did not worry about the studio changes and help the excessive development time, To do it right.

This is not the first time that we are sure that the game is still in development. Will we ever see it? Dead Island 2 Although? Hell, who knows, but Stable light 2 comes out next year, so there is that.

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