GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Director s Cut Test Always so sharp on PS5

Song of the swanned swan of a PS4 then on the point of giving way to a PS5, finally out of constant stock, _ Ghost of Tsushima _ Himed us last year. And here it arrives again, but on PS5, with an extension in its wallet!

The game had already been embellished with free content during the year – with a new game + and a multiplayer mode entitled Legends – but this time it’s a real solo adventure to which we are entitled, in a New place, Ikki Island!

Ghost Recon Wildlands - First Time Playing

The Ile of the Dead Queen

During one of his adventures on the Island of Tsushima, our dear Jin Sakai will fall nose to face with a band of Mongols different from those of Khotun Khan. These are scouts of the tribe of the eagle, another formidable Chief Mongol who has invaded Ikki Island. The latter makes all the inhabitants crazy with a poison, torture the others to the well-medieval flame, and is preparing to do the same with Tsushima. Rather than letting them come, Jin will then decide to go beating them on this small lopin of earth, known to be a hacker’s lair. It is on this island, during a bloody judgment, that Jin’s father lost his family, and his family is now hated. He will have to act in submarine, and who more is himself under the influence of the poison of the eagle, who will do it completely delirious and relive many times the death of his paternal.

To cooperate with the pirates, Jin will have to hunt the invaders, while keeping his coverage intact so as not to grill by his allies, and make peace with his inner demons related to his father. A whole program, which is obviously followed even if it does not shine by its originality and that some scriptwrites are as visible as the nose in the middle of the figure. Ikki, like Tsushima, is very beautiful, offers new types of vegetation, new colors, and has its own landscapes able to sell you dream and a trip to feudal Japan while staying in your living room. Visually, _ Ghost of Tsushima _ is still crazy enough, and supported by a very good soundtrack, either in VF or in.

The ghost of Ikki

Question Playability, we stay on an AAA Sony formula with a very effective specifications that has already been proven on titles like the last Spider-Man or Horizon Zero Dawn, with a nice action playability, always fluid movements, Some improvements to unlock and exploration to resell. Nevertheless, we can make a few reproaches. On the fights in particular. Even more than last year on PS4, we were struck by their rough appearance: no lock, which does not help when you are accompanied by ten NPCs who are fighting at your side (but on whom I have to tap, Me? ) But also and especially a camera that has an unfortunate tendency not to look in the right direction and requires constant attention. Or a certain resignation to type on outside enemies, at the choice. A new enemy will make his appearance, the shaman of the eagle, and the latter improves in a very violent way your enemies with his songs, which become ultra-annoyed, even in easy difficulty. To kill in priority, so.

New attacks are there too. Finally, a new attack on horseback. You will be able to crush your enemies in exchange for your valuable determination. But clarify their ranks at the beginning of a fight, more certainly with the confrontation! To see the end of the main quest, it will only want a few hours. No more than three in a straight line. Nevertheless the island of Ikki is full of secrets, and if its size is about twice below one of the basic game regions, you will have something to do. New objects to be collected make their appearance, including souvenirs from the Father to confront, or animal sanctuaries or it will be necessary to play the flute in Guitar Hero mode with the joystick gyroscope to make a hug to a cat or a deer. We always take a lot of pleasure to do all these small detours between two goals, to reveal all the question marks of the card following the wind. Everything is always rather contemplative, and it falls rather well seen what will follow.


If the artistic direction is always so crazy and that the game was already very beautiful on PS4, on the last born of Sony, it is still a little better: the 60 fps becomes constant and the resolution is improved, all It is therefore more enjoyable for your retinnes. If you play your PS4 version on PS5, you will only be allowed at leap in terms of images per second. The loads obviously benefit from the performance of the machine and range from a small second to four or five depending on the complexity to display where you will teleport. The dualsense is not left out with intelligent use. The haptic vibrations are obviously the functionality that will be the best brought to light, the trustees that resist when using the arc or grapple are rather discreet and the same goes with the sounds of the joystick, rather Rare. If you have not already completed the adventure on PS4, so that’s a nice way to do it.

But if it’s already the case, the question arises a little more, even if several purchase options will be offered: yes, no free upgrade this time, and it’s the DLC that will allow To justify this: If you go with zero and want to play the game on PS5, it is 80 € at the launch for the total. 70 on PS4. But if already have the game, the PS5 upgrade containing the Ikki island will cost 30 €. And if you have not yet pushed PS5 and want to improve your PS4 version to play the _ Director’s Cut _ on your old machine, it’s 20 €. And 10 more if adventure you have managed to get their hands on the precious time. Note also that investing in a PS5 upgrade will not give access to the DLC on PS4: if you want to score 100% trophy on both machines, it will be necessary to spend twice at the crate! And these are now quite numerous, with no less than five additional lines related to the various free DLCs or not, and a true rain of trophies when you launch the game for the first time on PS5 by loading your PS5 backup or you had it ended ! On the other hand, this is not a real cross save function: can not resume the PS5 part on PS4. The transfer is only possible in one direction. In short, if you are in the case where you already have the game, you are with all the information you need to weigh the pros and cons when to a possible investment in this _ GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Director’s Cut _.