Ghost of Tsushima How to get the horse armor of Iki Island

The last expansion of Ghost of Tsushima leads Jin Sakai to the beautiful but hostile coasts of a nearby island where Raiders and Mongols have their name on a white list. For this reason, it is important that Jin not only protect himself, but also to his faithful Horse, which means recovering the armor that carries the horse of his father. Here is How to get the horse armor of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get the horse armor from Iki Island

To get the horse armor of Iki Island, you will have to face the mythical story The legacy of Kazumasa Sakai, which you will learn from the assailants of the east coast of the island. # 39; Island in Zash Bay. Initially you will be asked to feel and listen to the assailant story about Jin’s father, but after Jin does not agree with the version of the facts of him, he expel it. To listen to the rest of the story, you must pierce yourself in the strength of him and listen to them.

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To sneak into the fort, go to the left of the entrance, then go up and enter the building opposite, then go down a staircase. Be careful not to be seen, since this is (unfortunately) a forced stealth sequence that will fail if they detect it.

With the rest of the story, addressing a shipwrecked ship in front of the coast, it’s time to get there. Climb the cliff in front of the Fortress of the Incursor.

Now place in the masts using the R2 trigger to use your grip hook.

You will reach a rock cave with a shipwrecked ship that crashed into a rock. Use your grip hook to pull the mast down, then you can go back and use it to move to the next area. Then you will fall into a puddle of water.

Swim in the first passage, then in a second below which can happen (photo above). From there you will find another mast to tear down. Do that, then come back to the first area where it fell.

Locate the shipwrecked ship’s helmet and use your grip hook to remove the support below so you can climb it, climb the cliff and balance you from the mast that you went down before. Next, you will find yourself on another sunken ship.

Use your hook again to lower the mast. This time it will fall and create a bridge that you can cross. Now you can see your goal in the distance. Now you should jump several small rocks, taking care not to let you carry from the incoming waves.

Finally, you will end up on the boat where you can pick up your prize.

As you can see above, the Sakai horse armor makes the new load capacity of your horse even more powerful. Now inflicts 50% more damage and is capable of eliminating raw enemies with a single blow.

And he does it for our * how to get the horse armor of Iki Island at Ghost of Tsushima *. If you are looking for even more help, be sure to consult our Wiki guide.

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