Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Tips So you defeat all bosses and duels

A new enlargement for Ghost of Tsushima means new enemies and Iki Island has a lot to offer. However, some of the biggest threats can be found in the new bosses. Two of them are fought over the main history, while a mythic tale is available. However, watch all three below Beware of spoilers .

  • Khunbish – encountered in the story mission Lightning in the Storm. Begins with a shield and a spear, but when he loses the shield, he can switch between the spear and the double swords back and forth. You have a lot of time to change styles, so do not turn to adapt to the change of weapons. Keep all the non-blockable attacks (indicated by red flash) in the eye and beat back accordingly.
  • Black Hand Riku – found in the mythical history The Legend of Black Hand Riku, which is unlocked after completion of A Raider’s Return. Despite the ominous air around him, Black Hand Riku does not pose too much threat. Parish his attacks accordingly and counter immediately after being adopted his independent attacks. The only truly surprising trick that Riku performs is to deflect your sword in the middle of a collision. Switches his next blow quickly to avoid damage.
  • The Eagle – the last boss of extension to be found in the Story Mission The Blessing of Death. It is able to fight with sword and daze (which works like a spear) together with unblockable throwing knives. Bring you to 70 percent health and you will take you into a mystical empire, the determination slowly emptied. Survive just long enough and an intermediate sequence is triggered. As soon as this is done, you are back in the real world and can end the Eagle.

In addition to these boss fights, there are some special duels to discover. After completing the Mission Jin from Yarikawa you switch the Hidden Cove Tournament in Fune’s Refuge free. This includes the fight against four different opponents, but with wooden exercise swords. The goal is to meet your opponent five times. If you end five strikes on you instead, the duel is lost.

The four opponents are as follows. Each has its own techniques and must be combated in different ways:

  • Banned monk
  • Brutal robber
  • Murderous dealer
  • Crimson Fisherman (must first defeat the three previous opponents)

Look at the video below with the kind permission of PowerPyx to see how you can beat them. Further details about the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut can be found in our review here.