The update of GENSHIN IMPACT will add new islands

The next impact of Genshin Update, version 2.1, Floating World under the Light of the Moon, may not be as big as the previous update that added the completely new nation of Inazuma, but seems to be quite significant in its own right. For example, the MiHoyo developer has revealed that the update of version 2.1 will add two new islands to the Seirai Islan and Watatsumi Island video game. And before the update, which will be launched on September 1, the developer has shared new details about both.

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According to Mihoyo, the island Watatsumi is west of the Yashiori Island in Inazuma and has a series of waterfalls and highlands. In addition, the Sanctuary Sangonomiya is in the middle. As for Seirai Island, it is south of Narukami Island and has areas with high levels of electro element covered by deadly storms. It seems that it is not a particularly nice place to visit, but also one that could hide a good amount of intrigues and treasures.

You can see more about the two new islands that will come impact from Genshin below:

In version 2.1, two new islands will be introduced in Inazuma, Isla Seirai and Watatsumi Island. Both have different customs, let’s discover these mysterious places together!

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  • Impact of Genshin (@gnshinimpact) August 26, 2021

As indicated above, impact of Genshin the new update, version 2.1, Floating World under the Light of the Moon, will be launched on September 1 and will add three new characters: Raiden Shogun, Kokomi and Kujou Sara, as well as new islands , new events, and more. Empact of Genshin Version 2.0, the motionless god and eutyia eternal, is the most recent important update of the title and brought with it new characters, missions and more for the popular videogame. Empact of Genshin itself is currently available, for free, for PLAYSTATION 4, PLAYSTATION 5, PC and mobile devices. The videogame will also be launched eventually for Nintendo Switch. You can consult all our previous coverage of the popular free title here.

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