ELYON Tips and Tips for Getting Started

Play one of the 6 classes available to start your journey and protect the world from a demonic invasion. But after having lent allegiance to the vulpins or Ontaris, beware of the opposing faction. With all his activities possible, starting in ELYON can quickly become complicated, leaving the free field to your enemies to hunt off.

Tester and experience the different classes

Climb up is very simple in ELYON, allowing to discover the different classes in just a few hours. It is therefore interesting to create a character of each in order to explore the potential of each. In addition to offering a good overall vision on the capabilities of each class, it allows you to accommodate you with the main keys of the game, and thus modify them in consequences to facilitate your grip.

But experiencing the different classes also makes it possible to visit the strengths and weaknesses of each of them to adapt there afterwards. It is therefore a great way to learn how to counter a class during PVP clashes, or avoid it as needed. It is also possible to focus on their spells and variants to establish synergies based strategies between multiple classes.

Mastering fight, combos and their subtleties

Start in ELYON request to look at the combat system, possible skills, variants and combos. In addition to defining the usefulness you will have during clashes, the combos make it possible to carry out impressive actions with various and varied effects. You can strengthen an attack, add a lifestyard effect or repelling your attackers. However, you have to avoid spamming the keys anywhere. Whenever an action is requested, it is put on hold in the console. The spam is therefore likely to break the combos rather than actually bring a value.

But the control of combat also goes through the use of different variants of skills to enjoy different effects. Take the time to discover all these variants and test them in different combinations is the best way to personalize your experience. You can thus be more oriented around the control, raw damage or defense. It is also possible to be more versatile, even if it mitigates the power of each branch.

harvest, manufacture and action points

The trades and the Farm are at the heart of optimization in ELYON. Recovering the slightest resource is therefore very important and must be done as soon as possible to use the first points of action. The latter are limited and recharge slowly over time. Like a gacha, so it is important to use them as soon as possible, in order to let them recharge and start harvesting. Thanks to this, you can easily mount your trades, and thus start in the high level optimization very quickly.

If the fabrication trades do not ask for action points, they, however, ask you a lot of time and patience. Manufacturing takes a long time, 10 seconds per object, and does not ensure the creation of usable equipment. However, it is necessary to mount them quickly to limit the number of unusable materials created. But it also allows you to start creating more robust equipment from the top level.

Small tips on ELYON

Boss are present everywhere in the open world. These can be activated through very rare idols, and killed by all players nearby. Try to stay close to these monsters during your quests to throw you when one of them is animated. These monsters have resources in large quantities and some equipment.

Focusing quickly on your levels to reach level 42 as quickly as possible. There will be no more than to focus on your optimization to prepare PVP clashes.

So much for info, tips, guides and tricks to start well in ELYON. This will allow you to better understand the game and attack you with all the necessary knowledge.