This is what my Renath s The Marsh Ghost Director Edition is the chapter of the island to deepen the protagonist shape again

In the on the horse war announced that the director version is to introduce the DLC appended chapter, it is very curious to play what new tricks can be played.

Seriously, this article is already too rich in the horse: Returning the Mongolian army, helping the island people to liberate the occupied village, pay attention to the shrine, visit the four-party lake, the hot spring, write a sentence, touch the fox (?) …, plus many The player has already got fully satisfied with the peer plot of the companion, general evaluation and even better than the main story. Under this very complete situation content, it is not easy to regenerate fresh goods. However, Sucker Punch (hereinafter referred to as SP Society) did done.

In the director version, in the relay islands between Jiuzhou and the horse – 岐 is a new map, it is nearly one-third of the discresolated content, except for new equipment, skills, collect elements, and more Many interactive wild animals, even many natural landforms have shown different and beautiful in Mary Island. More importantly, when we think that there is nothing to play on the plot, just to fight the Mongolian army, the screenwriter of the SP is once again brought the player to surprise, trying to use the character’s self-question, explore the more deep psychological struggle of the characters .

As for the focus of this refund, it is no longer only focused on the distinctive comrades or enemies around the protagonist, but returns to the protagonist – the situation of the situation.

Although the main line of the previous situation has been outlined from the distinction between the big people from the warrior to the war, it can be said that it is a complete Hero Tour, and the characters seem to be full. However, after a strange tribe, the player took the player in the memories of Ren, and he once again remembered that he had a long-lasting dream: that is, the father was killed in front of him, and the young himself was I have no power, that is always the past.

(The following is of course spoiler, please pay attention to yourself)

记 响: Ren’s responsibility

As a warrior that is ideal in martial arts or personality, the situation is always righteous and strong, and the painful memory will always be resistant to the ghost, the trend, the trend. It is necessary to be good at resting your self-emotion, it is a virtue learned when he is a warrior. But with the story of 岐, this self-made begins to shake: Because it is the father of the benevolent, the suffering of the defeated dog is dead.

When you ship the sea to the horse, the screenwriter is also very interested in hiding the family of the family, because many years ago, the warrior who was headed by the Maitic, who was headed, the warrior, the warrior is not The popular figures, and people in the situation wells are more regarded as floods. Single from this immunity, it will premonce the chapter of the 壹. The result is not expected, not only this land itself hooks the heart of the heart, the new hostile tribe leader. Gangye, also saving salt on the wound.

Shortly after I was on the Island, I was captured because of a powerful Mongolian warrior. I was sent to the chief of the chief. Like Heldan, Gangye also tried to cage the kernel as its effectiveness. With a martial art, Herthan, as a pure military leader, is different, and Gang Eagle also is also a traditional belief, medical and witchcraft. In order to essentially completely kill, the island, she is strongly forced to take the poison (the Habi is called God of God), although the toxicity of this secret medicine does not take human life, but will cause illusion, let people see itself Painful memory. And the toxicity is too long, the illusion will only become more and more intense.

The same is the same, it is barely escaped from the Mongolian military account, which is the hardship between him and the memory confrontation. Whenever you see, you will like it, and those who are taboo will climb out from the heart of the heart, and the dark cages cover four wild:

Seeing the roadside grave, I turned the masculus of the masters to bury her children, repent the figure; seeing the horses of the wilderness, I showed his loyal guardian, and finally unfortunately sacrificed the love of the horse; seeing the fisherman Because of the livelihood, _ should take him to lead the dragon three-like _; see the miserable body that is cut down the head, the civilians are the lascapped body, I appear to help him and suffer from Helong sweat, that day, but brave and kind Forgotten friends: filial piety …

These randomly triggered events are spread all over the entire Island. Even, whenever you tried to assassinate the army, the laughter of the Gangye will also sound in the mind of the benevolence, as if remind him: it is because of the means of being a warrior, and lost the honor of the warrior and The trust of 舅. Although the scenery is so beautiful, the journey of benevolencers here will inevitably be more uncomfortable than in Ma Ben Island – because of the poison of the gossic, because of this lost personnel, for the benevolence, It is an endless sin.

影 形: 愧 is in the situation

It is not uncomfortable with the sin of the performance of the characters. The most classic example should be Silent Hill 2 (2001). At this generation, I have become the triangle of the horror of classic totems, and the reflection of the protagonist James itself has passed the crime, symbolizes and the trial of self.

Xiaodao Xiufu has also done a fun attempt to this topic. In the Snakers (MGS3, 2004) process in the Snake Snake (MGS3, 2004) process, players will fight with the Cension Snake Brigade: The Sorrow fights. …… Well, it is not very accurate, because the Sorrow at this time has already died, we actually interact with his spirit. The Sorrow, known as the Bulk Soldier, has the ability to communicate with the deceased, summon the spirit of the spirit. In this BOSS Battle, he will force us to go through the water, pass through a long river that seems to have not ended, and floating from the player, it is until there are, all kill in the situation. The enemy ghost, which even includes a parrot that will speak people ….

That is to say, if the player killed more people in MGS3, when the Sorrow is level, there will be more deceased souls. With the author’s first time to get the title of Gasfish, the situationplay of the big four-party situation has been used as an example. At that time, it was simply a corpse. It is said that if the player will sneak through the whole process, do not kill the enemy outside the BOSS, the Sorrow will appear very cold. Perhaps Xiaodao Xiufu intends to use this spiritual bridge, highlights a certain black humor, or let the players reflect on the meaning of killing in the situation. In short, such a creativity is quite novel in this idea even today.

The Marsh Ghost Director Edition is relatively simple in this regard. As mentioned in the foregoing, it is a very simple trick, , then projected memory flash in the form of an illusion. However, the effect is very good, and: As long as the player has more investment in the island’s adventure process, it will be more intense to the psychological impact.

I will never forget that there is no early warning to see the filth of filming in the roadside. It is really shocking to completely say no. In an instant, it seems to bring me back to that moment: sad anger, despair, self-blame, hate, then, want Herbone sweat to be bloody! Returning to reality, such a plot is paved, and it is indeed a successful player’s hatred value to the Hoshan.

Interestingly, the brutal aggression of the Mongolian army did born to pick up the charcoal, but for the people of 岐, the situation of the martial arts brought more than many years ago, but it is not paid by the current Yuan Yun. With the footsteps of the benevolence, we know: The one is advocated by the land of the island, and is a well-known situation in the martial arts. It is also considered to be a scorpion.

Astellia Online (Warrior)

子 情仇: Way to enhance

This is a sense of tuning in the chapter of this. As sole, the player only had a regret in the benevolence, thinking about what a warrior of his father is. However, the people of the 岐 told us that when it was able to succeed in killing the scorpion, how old is it for them! Even became the anti-storm legend of the gathering of the township. How many people have lost their parents, hands and feet, friends, homes in that paramount time …, when we travel here, you can hear this kind of sad past from the local population.

In particular, the Tuma Triassing Field is completely a classic representative of a positive iron ride. We have now come here, the extremely and a tender green field, no smoke, but under the green leaves, moss, climbing vine, the Star is scattered in the house. At first glance, there is quite a flavor of science fiction. This is the case, all because of the Tuma Treasury Saee executed in the past.

The situation in the situation is in the life of the land, leaving the sea to sweeping the stream, maybe it is a big grabbing banner, but a long time in the blade, it seems that all kinds of kindness. It is not just a pirate and armed farmers, even their home women, or other unrelated people, it is also unlikely under the rumor of the grass. The variety of cruel, and it all saw the benevolence of the year. We understand this: Ren is actually concealed for players. In the past, he lets us know, never the whole picture of 壹 岐 刽 …

_: I barely know him. He will show a real side on the battlefield. _

This is like Harry. Potter was convinced that he had a good father’s father and a good magician; but after seeing the dark memory of stone, he only knew Jame after the dull memory of stone refinement. Potter in the era of the student, in fact, there are also the history of the big, Breakfast students. Different situations: Benevolence knew that his father’s brutal bloody atrocities, simply killing industries. In the previous situation story, the SP community has not exposed the murderer of the situation in the situation (the top more in the basic dyes of the alarm armor, named The Returning Recent, now Going back to see this part of the treatment, in fact, there is a little narrative trick taste.

From the perspective of humanity, the memories of benevolence will be reserved, and they want to come because he is always reluctant to think of the father’s evil, and only hope that our own progeny is a model worthy, even, even, It is a received legend . Ren must not accept the practice of the war and the civilian people, but if there is a difference between the interaction with it, you are eager to get the father’s identity (what is said, it is also your own father …). His personal contradictory struggle is struggling.

Landing in the island, forcing all the relationship between himself and his father, and a positive life, how to evaluate: The legendary warrior well is a normal, after all, there is hard to agree The evils. After re-recognizing this, benevolence can bid farewell to his father, categorically demonstrate a tyranny, martial arts, and go out of its own Renzhi. It is like the tissue of the island, which is also the good taste of the island’s people on the island.

语: Strong and sad legend

The predecessor is of course one of the focus of the horse’s new chapter story, but the experience of the island can bring us more than this. For example, the situation will be ridiculous with the memories of the late mother, and the and animal interaction is connected together, and the side wrote the benevolence because the mother teachs to develop a generous personality. Others have a big hundred thief that has already died, how to rely on resurrection, blessing in the gods; in Tudian Touch Village Ancient battlefield is suspected to encounter the adventure of land gods, etc. Of course, when Ren is the role of killing the fever, how to make the right and reasonable choice between retaliation and forgiveness, its performance is strong, it is simply a textbook presenting related topic (in If you don’t burst out, please take a good experience.

On the basis of Hig Ghost this article, the chapter of the 岐 is further strengthened, deep the inner world of the protagonist, in addition to deepening the resonance of the player, undoubtedly sublimating the narrative of the whole work again to a new high. We are not only like the Maimin, but also more agreement of the war as a legend, and everything that is supported by the benevolent, and even happened in this land. Fortunately, even if there have been countless pain, it will eventually ushered.

When he was officially preparing to carry out new journeys with his father’s shadow, gentle and firmly prepared to carry out new journeys, and finally made people have been gratified, couldn’t help but wanted to shoot the shoulders, and said to him: You really –well-done!

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