It Appears Like Daybreak May Have Marketed Cold Iron Studios

The EG7 dramatization appears like it’s not slowing down, with Sunrise resembling it might have marketed Cold Iron Studios.

The other day, we reported EG7’s founder and CEO Robin Flodin was stepping down. The new acting CEO of EG7 will currently be Ji Pork that is Sunrise’s present Chief Executive Officer. The announcement took place last week in a press release with Alexander Albedj, Chairman of the EG7 board, commenting,


In December of last year, EG7 had gotten Daybreak Game Business for $300 million in enhancement to Priahna Gamings as well as publisher Innova. However, sometime between then and also now, it looks like Daybreak may have sold Cold Iron Studios.

This was reported by our good friends at MassivelyOP that noted Sunrise had deleted a news release which announced their acquisition of Cold Iron Studios. Fortunately, since Wayback Equipment is a point, you can have a look at that press release below.

Nonetheless, as MMO Fallout notes, EG7’s monetary report does not include _ Aliens: Fireteam Elite _ (our evaluation here). In fact, it shows up the Cold Iron Studios hallmarks as well as logo are missing from Sunrise’s account. However, as MMO After effects notes, Cold Iron Studios LLC possesses their hallmark as of August 4 and also not Sunrise.

It must be kept in mind Craig Zinkievich of Cold Iron Studios did reference a sale during an interview from March.