Black Ops Cold War Warzone Great Season 5 Reloaded Update

The next big update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold was and Warzone is imminent. As Treyarch announces on his website, the Season 5 Reloaded Update is available for download on 9 September. The concrete patch notes are not available so far. However, the developers have published the roadmap with a preview of the expected content – we have integrated the graphic below this message. Directly to the Release Next Thursday, the new 6v6 map zoo and demolition mode are available in multiplayer mode. On September 21, the The Numbers event starts at which you can sacble additional rewards. Concrete details on the event procedure are likely to follow in the next few weeks.

In Warzone Again, you ran to start the Season 5 Reloaded updates in the new CLASH mode. There are 50V50 battles with infinite many respawns – as long as 500 points are reached. You are traveling in Clash in different areas of Verdansk to eliminate opponents and fulfill contracts. In the course of the season, Iron Trails ’84 and Numbers Sequence Broadcast are added. With Iron Trails ’84, changed rules are on the program. For example, the developers announce an increased life energy and a changed regeneration rate. Your preferred weapons you need to buy in this mode: expects at increased prices to the sales stations. In the Gulag in turn, no semi-or fully automatic shotguns are allowed among other things. In addition, the developers announce that almost no tactical equipment is available.

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New content is also for Zombie Mode for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold (Buy Now 64.99 € / 53.99 €) announced. For example, the new Outbreak region Armada and the New World Event Black Chest are waiting for you. With the Rampage Inducer also comes a new feature into the game. This ensures, for example, that the spawn rates of the zombies can be increased and all undeaded levels 20 can sprinkle indefinitely. So if you are looking for a special challenge, you should come here at your expense. In the later Season course, it fights to survive in the new survival fashion. The update of new operators and weapons is rounded off. New with this is the melee weapon Sai, which you receive as a reward at the Number Event. Further details can be found in the previously integrated roadmap.

The roadmap to the Season 5 Reloaded Update for Black Ops Cold was and Warzone. Source: Activision

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