The World Flipper of Cygames will be available September 8 on iOS and Android

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Partners for the western exit of the game, Cygames and Kakao Games announce that World Flipper will be available September 8 at home on iOS and Android.

With World Flipper , Cygames is not the first to put pinball mechanics at the service of another genre, as we have seen recently with titles like Yoku’s Island Express and Creature in the Well , but none of them came out on mobile. Mixing Flipper, RPG and Retro 2D Realization, World Flipper is a free-to-play whose characters belong to one of the six elements giving them different special skills.

In progressing in the scenario and levels, players will gather resources, will collect new characters and develop their powers to always get more than hero combinations, capabilities, support units, weapons and improvements. On the margins of history, there are special events, daily challenges in dungeons as well as boss fights playable up to three simultaneously.

The concept of World Flipper seems to intrigue a lot of people since the game has got more than a million recordings since July 15th. World Flipper is developed by CITAL, a subsidiary of Cygames founded early 2015 of which it is the first title. The App Store and Google Play cards are available here and there.

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