Warzone Fara 83 and BullFrog the goal of season 5 that the COD world champion recommends

After many ups and downs, the goal of Warzone season 5 is, more or less, stabilized and right now we already have candidate weapons to be the definitive of this stage of Black Ops Cold War. After several adjustments, changes and modifications, the FARA 83 has once again consolidated as the strongest assault rifle of the Cold War to be used in Verdansk in Rebirth Island, removing the position to Krig 6 and postulating as the most relevant face to Nearby competitions from Battle Royale from Activision.

On the other hand, SCump does not use a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon and chooses to go to the classic: Wide a subfusil. And the SMG that the World Champion of Call of Duty has selected has not been another that the Bullfrog, an evolution of the Bizon in Warzone which is much more stable, with a similar charger, and a scope and damage that make it In a half-hearted weapon and short distances. Of course, in this section you must bear in mind that depending on the style that each player has, the thing can vary a bit. That is, for users who prefer long-range rifles, this class is not completely functional, so instead would we recommend a Kar98K or a K31 swiss.

In any case, we will then leave you with the accessories suitable for Fara 83 and the Bullfrog according to SCump. You have to take into account, too, that some accessories can be varied depending on a bit of our game style.

Best Class of Fara 83 for Season 5

  • Bocacha : Silencer GRU
  • Canyon : 19.5 Liberator
  • Look : AXIAL ARMS X3
  • Acople : Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammunition : Spetsnaz 60 RND

Best class of the BullFrog for season 5

  • Bocacha : Silencer GRU
  • Canyon : 7.4 Task Force
  • Laser : Tiger equipment lantern
  • Cylinder : KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Acople : Bruiser Grip