COD VANGUARD Multiplayer played we now know after the Reveal

The multiplayer Reveal vonCall of Duty: Vanguard has passed, the first big trailer with gameplay is online and some players could even retest the upcoming beta version – so we at MeinMMO. We give an overview of what awaits you.

On 05 November, the new Call of Duty will appear: Vanguard and the multiplayer is as always at the heart of the series. With a large trailer of the multiplayer has now been revealed, and even more beta gameplay can now find online.

MeinMMO could already swim a few laps in the upcoming beta of the new CoD and shows you what the most important mechanisms in multiplayer Vanguard work.

we tie the gameplay trailer you here:

  • Important information about Vanguard:
    • Release on 05 November
    • Beta launch on September 10,
    • Open beta on September 18,
    • 9 minutes, the story campaign

Vanguard Multiplayer: All the facts about modes, player numbers and new mechanics

So far, all the details about the multiplayer trailer and our matches are not yet known, but give already a good idea of ​​what awaits you in the main mode of the new CoD. So much in advance: fans of Killstreaks will not be disappointed.

General features of the Multiplayer Vanguard

To get started, we want to show you important mechanisms of Vanguard, which have a significant impact on the game:

  • Loadouts / classes in Vanguard
  • Killstreaks return
  • Details on Movement
  • Details on Gunplay
  • Cross Play in Vanguard
  • Destructible environments
  • Information on the mini map
  • New types of ammunition

How do loadouts in Vanguard? The compilation of your equipment works one to one as in Modern Warfare from 2019. You choose a primary and a secondary weapon, you look for three perks, then you still have a primary and a tactical grenade.

In Waffenschmied her your shooting iron can customize. Instead of five essays you can in Vanguard, however, up to 10 attachments screws on the arms and adapt to your playing style. Details loadout compilation can be found later in this article.

What about the streaks? In the run there was evidence of a Scorestreak system, but actually Vanguard has again Killstreaks. The current CoD – Cold War – sets system points to one, to bring these powerful equipment among the players. Now it’s back to more kills.

Each kill without dying brings you further in the Killstreak ladder up and gives you powerful, military equipment can let you on your enemies. What Streaks are already in the beta available, can be found also below the loadout system of Vanguard.

What to know about the Movement? When the motion mechanisms Vanguard takes proven features of Modern Warfare return, bringing back the tactical sprint into play. This is a short sprint, which makes you run faster for a few seconds, but also results in you need a little longer after the sprint, to cheer about again.

For more experienced players, a change in the interaction of tactical sprint, and Slide Cancel should be interesting. Through a specific sequence of entries you can in the current CoD titles your slides (Slide) interrupt (Cancel). Thereby the decay time of the tactics sprints has been reset and you can by a slide Cancel right tactical sprint again. But now there is a short break after the second slide Cancel before your character returns to the tactical sprint.

What to know for gunplay? That Vanguard uses a revamped engine CoD MW, also suggests the Gunplay by. It is strongly reminiscent of Modern Warfare and all the weapons we tested had to control himself well without attachments. Whether that will remain so until the release, but it must be seen. Perhaps there are adjustments here yet.

But what is certain: weapons-laying comes back. You can your weapons on edges or rest against walls and thus reduce the recoil. Moreover, as a new option there are blind fire. So you can cast shots behind cover without having to venture out you completely out of cover.

Are there Cross Play? You can gamble again with your friends on other platforms. Vanguard supports Cross Play for PlayStation 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and the PC.

What about destructible environments? Vanguard brings destructible environments to a new level in Call of Duty, but these are rather minor. You can run through some walls, doors destroy or plaster from the walls to fire. But a too big impact on the game, this destruction has rare.

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What about vehicles? In any of the modes played and on no card were large vehicles to see in boarding. Whether something changes to the release, so far can not be said.

The Loadouts and the Class System of Vanguard

How does the weaponsmith in Vanguard? The Weaponsmith reminds greatly on the version of Modern Warfare and renounces again to detailed displays of the weapon values. But you can attach up to 10 essays per weapon and press the shooting iron your game style:

  • Muzzle
  • Run
  • Visor
  • Underflow
  • Magazine
  • Ammunition type
  • Handle
  • Skill
  • Kit

If you use the weapons in the game, your level rises and get more essays. In the beta, the Max Level 30 is and for each stage is an attachment. According to release, some weapons should even offer more than 70 different essays.

Which perks are already known? An important topic are also the Perks, as these passive skills can take a strong influence on the style of play, but also the game itself. The known perks are counted on you with category:

  • Extra 1 – Blue
    • Ghost: protects against discovery when you are in motion
    • Reinforced: reduces damage due to explosives and helps with regeneration
    • Unobtrusive: Immune against effects of penetrating view
    • Survival training: Resistance to stunning, immune to gas
  • Extra 2 – red
    • Alarm: See Enemies outside the field of view, pulsates the field of view
    • Radar: Opponents appear on mini map when they fire without silencer
    • Forward data: Larger Mini Map, enemy reinforcements are displayed
    • Trace readers: Enemies leave short footprints
    • Spreng command: Additional primary grenade and air curve when throwing
    • Route: Doubles Tactics Sprint and 30% crumbled faster
    • Tactics: There is a tactic grenade every 30 seconds
    • Overkill: wearing 2 primary weapons

Which Killstreak are already known? Overall, 10 killstreaks were available for testing. Maybe there is more choice in the finished game:

  • Position / 3 wedges – radar only for yourself
  • Inventories / 4 Shoots – Random Killstreak from Drop
  • Spy aircraft / 4 cancellations – radar for the whole team
  • Spy dispense aircraft / 4 cancellations – radar of the opponent disturbed
  • Sliding bomb / 5 Shooting – controllable bomb from high altitude
  • Todbringer / 5 Shoots – a kind of mini-gun with exploding shot
  • Morto fire / 5 Shooting – Marked area is attacked
  • War Machine / 7 Shooting – Grenatenwerf, which you are not losing
  • FLAMMNAUT / 9 SHAMPS – protective suit included Flamethers
  • Combat dogs / 10 Shoots – Dogs attack your enemies

Which field manufacturing are already known? Vanguard also relies on field farming. These are small equipment with a specific cooldown, which you can use faster through kills. So the Schleichmechanik Totenstille comes into the game, but also armored plates are available in Vanguard:

  • Storage box – gives ammunition and equipment
  • Armor plate – gives you some body armor
  • Goliath – Explosive mini tank to control yourself
  • Directional microphone – shows enemies nearby on the mini map
  • Dead Still – Steps Brief Loudloss, Firearms and Knife Kill Start Timer New

All previously confirmed weapons

  • Storm rifles
    • STG44
    • Itra burst
    • BAR
    • NZ-41
    • PEOPLE
  • Machine guns
    • M1928
    • MP 40
  • Shotgun
    • Shotgun with rotary cylinder
    • Automatic shotgun
  • LMGS
    • MG42
    • DP27
  • DMRS
    • M1 Garand
  • sniper rifle
    • Three line rifle
    • Kar98k
  • handguns
    • Machine gun
    • Ratt
    • 1911
  • Werfer
    • M1 Bazooka
    • Tank
  • Melee
    • FS combat knife
  • Primary equipment
    • MK2 splitter grenade
    • Gammon bomb (contact grenade)
    • Molotow cocktail
    • Crackling charge
    • Thermite
    • Throttle knife
  • Tactics equipment
    • M18 smoke grenade
    • Stunning grenade No. 69
    • MK V-GAS
    • Stim
    • S-Mine 44

These are all weapons available in the beta tested by us.

What happens after the release of Vanguard?

What comes after the release? Concrete Announcements for Content After the release there is no. But Vanguard has already promised to bring content even after the release. It goes again a similar Season system as the last two cods, modern warfare and cold was. So there is:

  • New cards
  • New modes
  • Fresh playlists
  • Limited events
  • seasonal events
  • Community Celebrations
  • and more

Costs of new content something? gameplay relevant content gets her completely free after the release. The new weapons you have to free only play, but there is no paywall that you prevents them from activation.

When does the first season? Plus, there’s no information. It runs as in recent years, the Season 0 just take a month and early December is the first season with new content at the start.

Is there again a Battle Pass? As in the Cold War and CoD MW will again bring a Battle Pass to the Seasons and Vanguard. In exchange for playing time and experience points you play you here heaps Cosmetics free.

However, cost of passport, if you want to unlock all items for your inventory. A few steps will be free, such as the new weapons. But the majority is for the Premium Pass owners. Whether the system is worthwhile for you, you can learn here:

Vanguard and Warzone – Anti-Cheat & new map

As cooperation goes with Warzone? The all boils similar to last year Cold War. Warzone and Vanguard merge and divide after the transition, the Seasons. The theme Warzone moves from the Cold War gone, back to the World War II setting and content of the Battle Pass and Cosmetics work in both cods. These weapons Vanguard also come to Battle Royale.

Old cosmetic content from Cold War and Modern Warfare remain in the game and also in Warzone available. With the first season of Vanguard then probably the life-cycle of Cold War ends.

In addition, the developers have already announced that Warzone gets the Vanguard launch a new map and the new anti-cheat system of Vanguard. Ganz is not yet clear whether it will be a great card that Verdansk replaced or a small Rebirth Iceland map as the Cold War integration.

What can currently only speculate: What happens next with the Season ranks? With Cold War there was a new system that increased the maximum Prestige Rank in each season and more ranks offered than ever before. If there is a complete reset to 0 or the Prestige ranks exist, it is not yet say for sure.

When merge Warzone and Vanguard? also allows it currently only speculate. Last year Cold War and Warzone came together to start the season. 1 This scenario is possible this year, making a start in early December probably.

What is known so far otherwise the connection between Warzone and Vanguard, can be found here in the overview:

zombies in CoD Vanguard

? What you already know about the Zombies Lots of information is not yet available to the undead slaughter in Vanguard, except:

  • There will be a zombie mode in Vanguard
  • Developer Treyarch further retains the lead of the mode
  • The story revolves around the story behind the Cold War -Zombies

As soon as more is known about the undead in Vanguard, you’ll find the latest information here on MeinMMO.

Conclusion of fellow author Maik

* Conclusion – * Vanguard seems to finally be understood that the maps were too large ****

Vanguard is the third annual CoD, which I accompany with MeinMMO and I had never had such a good feeling to the newest titles. Even before I was convinced that Vanguard is really big and good and the first matches have further encouraged me.

In recent years, the paid Cod were less interesting to me, because the maps were getting bigger, but was further 6v6 on the agenda. I enjoyed refreshments mode with more players on the small cards and was otherwise often go to Shipment or Nuketown.

But with the Combat Pacing I now hope, at any time to play Call of Duty on the way I like to have – namely with more players. Apart from the tactical mode Search & Destroy.

The attempts to establish a large mode in CoD have never convinced me. Be it ground war in CoD MW or combined arms in Cold War. But to tackle the normal modes and maps with more players, meets exactly my taste.

Add to this the gunplay and movement preferred by me from CoD MW and everything fits for a decent hype.

Maik Schneider
Freelance writer at MeinMMO

Call of Duty: Vanguard showed details of their main mode and sets a course for the next generation. Until 05 November, you must still complete the Release wait, but also the beta already has enough content to 1, 2 weekends at full throttle durchzustarten.

Everything about the content and the most important dates of the beta and open beta can be found here: CoD Vanguard: Beta starts with 6 modes to 5 Maps – All dates