New World Guides All tips tricks and compilations at a glance

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On September 9, New World begins with its open beta and on September 28, the launch of the MMO will take place. In World MMO, we collect all the guidelines and important items on New World in this general description.

In this article you will find general guidelines and advisory advice, general descriptions of constructions and various weapons, as well as useful advice on elaboration. They should help you especially during the next betta open in September.

Guides for beginners

  • All about PVE in New World
    Here you can discover all about the missions, dungeons, Sands of Chiefs and World Events in New World.
  • 10 tips on the new world that I would have liked to have known before
    If you are new at New World, here you will find all kinds of useful tips.
  • New World: all weapons you can use in the new MMO
    New World waives classes and, on the other hand, it is based on weapons. Here you can find out what weapons are available and for what can be used.
  • What factions should you choose?

What Is New World? - A Beginner's Guide To Amazon Game Studios Ambitious Open World MMORPG

The marauders, the alliance or the union? You can find out which of the 3 factions suits you more in the article.
* What are the attributes and how they work in the new world?
Your construction is not only determined by the team, but also by the attributes. We tell you what are there and how they work exactly.
* With these tips you can take full advantage of the fast trips of the new world
It is important to travel fast to go from a to B. we reveal how it works exactly and how you can track other sanctuaries.

Guides of weapons, constructions and dungeons.

  • New World: The best weapons for PVE and PVP – List of levels
    A general description of the most powerful weapons of the game.
  • New World: 3 Constructions for beginners who are ideal for PVE and leveling
    These 3 configurations are ideal for beginners and players who just want to climb the level quickly and relaxed.
  • New World: 3 solid PVP compilations that you should definitely try
    If you prefer to enter PVP directly, here you will find 3 strong configurations.
  • The best constructions for tanks on expeditions.
    Each dungeon needs a good tank and we present 2 constructions with which you can easily survive to the blows of huge bosses.

dungeon guides

  • All the Mazmorras of the New World at a glance
    The dungeons, called expeditions in the game, are still a pretty young content in New World. We reveal what dungeons there are and for what level they are appropriate.
  • I played the first dungeon in New World: How well can the Amazon MMO really do PVE?
    The editor of DLPRIVATEERVER, Alexander Leitsch, has already played in detail the first excavation of Dungeon Amrhein. He will tell you the impressions of him.

Elaboration Guides

  • New World: This is how the elaboration works, through which you can get the best game team.
    We have summarized everything you need to know about the craft system in New World here.
  • This is how you find the saltpeter
  • This is how fish oil is obtained
  • This is how you find fibers
  • That’s how the oil is located

General tips and suggestions

  • System requirements: New World will continue running on PC for 5-year-old games
  • What is the maximum level in New World?
  • New World has changed a lot in the last 11 months: now you have dungeons and more open world PVP
  • NEW WORLD will admit accessories and modifications? We know it until now
  • What is Azoth and how do you get?
  • Promises of the new world: there are no bad items in the cash store for 4 months

You can also get more information about New World in our broad overview of the game. There is about the different content, the anticipated orders, the launch and also how I should go with New World after the launch:

All about the new Amazon New World MMO: Launch, Beta, Book, Gameplay