New World corrects more than 100 errors for Open Beta and strengthens the bosses patch notes

The open beta begins in New World Today, September 9. Although it just brings new content, it brings a series of corrections of errors and performance improvements. In World Today, we summarize the patch notes for you.

What new content brings the beta? With the Open Beta, for which you can register now, New World brings all kinds of changes.

The largest and most important innovation are the servers, which are written for a special language. Then we obtain a total of 4 German servers for the beta version.

There is also a little new content in the form of new levels for Azoth staff in the main story:

You get Level 4 for global level 50 events with corrupt
Level 5 for levels of level 60 and 65

There should still be no new content until the launch. For later time, however, we can expect new weapons, new expeditions and new areas:

This is how I should continue with New World after the launch.

Heads and mobs at a high level become stronger, the ax gets a remarkable nerf

What is changing in the game? Amazon has made adjustments in almost all areas of the MMO. The main changes are:

The damage inflicted by the mobs in all expeditions has increased by 13%.
The rate of appearance of objects with name on expeditions has been increased.
The advantages of the name elements have been redesigned to make them more unique .
All MOBs above level 30 obtain more points of life, all MOBs above level 50 receive additional damage.
Heads in the open world inflict 20% more damage and earn 33% more life.
Several missions have been reviewed so that there are no bottlenecks of too many players.
Experience points at low levels and at levels 20 to 30 have been slightly reduced.
Now there are green, yellow and red marks on the housing when the decorations are placed.

The XP of the City Project has been reduced between 25% and 50%.
Resistance potions have been eliminated from processing and all the game.
Siege weapons in PVP now do more damage. For this, the damage received is reduced, depending on the armor that is used.

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What changes in balance? Amazon has made relatively few changes in weapons and armor:

The war hammer, the bow, the war ax and the ax weakened. In the case of the ax, the Berserk mode has been reduced, it has increased in the reuse time and, in addition, less life is regenerated.
The walking stick and the sword received some reviews that have both positive and negative aspects.
The light and average armor now also cushions healing, as well as damage inflicted. However, general healing has been reduced, so good healers should probably use a lightweight armor in the future.

What kind of error corrections were there? Amazon has solved more than 100 errors related to expeditions, sands, open world, server weapons and problems. Some important settings are:

An error was corrected that caused players to benefit permanently from a higher speed of movement.
The mobs no longer release items that are very out of their level range.
He corrected that he was stuck on the loading screen.
Fall animation was corrected when walking on hills or stairs.
A camera error was corrected when fishing.

You can find the full notes of the English patch in the Official Forum of the New World.

What do you think about the changes? Are you waiting for the start of the beta?