Between action adventure and simulation the game Len s Island will launch in anticipated access on November 5th

After the success of his Kickstarter campaign, Len’s Island is soon ready to put the sails. This independent game of genres is developed by Flow Studio, a small team located in Brisbane, Australia. A good start when preparing a title that sounds like a call for adventure.

Flow Studio unveils its ambitious project Len’s Island . The idea here is to let the player free to write his adventure, which he prefers to explore dungeons as in an action-adventure game or that he feels rather the soul of a builder in the way a simulation of life. This title contains indeed construction and home decoration elements, plantations and resource harvests. Over the updates, which could spread up to 2023, Flow Studio has to add new quests and dungeons more varied also offering bosses to expand the entire game system.

Developed by a three-corner team, Len’s Island is still in its first steps. Its early access will begin next November 5th, on PC and Mac via Steam, and could last several years.