Ollioli World 120 FPS for PS5

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The developer Roll7 has informed that the upcoming Ollioli World on the PS5 will offer an option for supple 120 fps. At the same time, the company speaks of a stunning 4K resolution .

On the PS5 you can enjoy all the epic and completely wound details of the levels in breathtaking 4K resolution. And if you have just cleared up with a level, at top speed the largest possible hill downroad and brings a trick after another? No stress – that’s all running at a frame rate of 120 fps, said Studio founder Simon Bennet.

New scene presented

In addition, the new BIOM burntrock was revealed. It is one of five different areas that are waiting for you in Radlandia, the scene of the game. Burntrock is a desert landscape, in which cactus camper, ancient fossils and the legendary burntrock are found firmly.

Even if it is a desert, the landscape is not a barren, but is full of character – which was very important to us when developing the game. Our environments should be a living, breathing world that can explore the players, it says. Further details and impressions can be found in the official PlayStation Blog .

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Ollioli World will be in December 2021 stylishly its way to PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One Railways. More about the game Experiences you in our topic overview .

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