Colors Live It may be painted again

On September 14, 2021, the Swedish Development Studio Collecting Smiles founded by Jens Andersson (Yoku’s Island Express) published the painting game Colors Live for Nintendo Switch. The successor of Colors! 3D on the 3DS is available both as a box version with Sonarpen in the trade and about the official website as well as a pure download via eShop (price: 29.99 euros).

In the game description it says: The painting game celebrated by the criticism is back! Male with several brushes and levels and share your masterpiece online. Enjoy the same ease of use and the powerful painting tools that Colors! 3D have made so popular. Now comes now Add pressure-sensitive paint with the Colors Sonarpen. Male with your fingers, your favorite dyst or with the Colors Sonarpen, our own print-sensitive pen that transforms your Nintendo Switch into the perfect digital sketchbook. Read more subcolorslive.com/Sonarpen

Colors Quest is a brand new game mode that is suitable for beginners and masters, and where you paint after a given theme and different rules. After each day you will see your findings and approach your destination. Colors Live puts the Internet in the foreground with the online gallery. Take part in weekly challenges, episode successful artists and share your creations with a worldwide community on Colorslive.com (Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Not Required).

Each image created in Colors Live stores the entire painting process. Best of the world talented painters and learn from their creations by looking at the playback for each of the over 4 million paintings in the online gallery. Colors Live is designed to be expanded over time. We will publish regular updates with new drawing tools, new challenges and more opportunities for interacting with your friends and followers. After all, it should be live.

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