Wow How the solo works

In WoW patch 9.1.5. Will we start attraction island expeditions finally to attack SOLO . The excursions to the dangerous ferrules around Kul s Tiras and Zandalar are currently only eligible as a group, but logically, they are not so easy players with whom you can replay the old content.

Through the PTR for Patch 9.1.5, however, we now know how easy the solo visit will be in the future. Run as Hordler in the harbor of Zandalar to Captain Rez okun or as Allianzler in Boralus to Flynn Schönwind. She finds her easily, if you look at your card after the treasure ticket icon at the harbor. You are talking to these NPCs, offer you so-called private tours in normal, heroic or mythical. The private guidance of the island expeditions, let you visit the Eiland Solo. Source: Kul Tiras

Which rewards are there about island expeditions?

Selects your challenge and you may try to get the rare weapons skins, toys, pets, armaments, and mounts. Especially the mounts represent a reason for many to return to the expeditions. Who would not like a huge pirate parrot called Krächz as a riding ? There are also some transmog variants of animal armor, such as the spider acetry armor for fabric carriers or the ghost branch set for leather enthusiasts . The two outfits were previously reserved in other coloring druids and witches. Somewhat nasty: Our first solo island expedition on heroic ran scarce than us dear. Source: Kul Tiras Are you back to the island expeditions with the solo function? Which rare reward would be interested? Or did you see enough of the expeditions for a life? Betray us in the comments!

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