Call of Duty Vanguard The most important findings from the Closed Beta

On the 5th of November, Vanguard s latest offshoots of the call-of-duty series goes to the start. The sends you back to the battlefields of the Second World War, where you can do the heads away with Allied and Axis powers each other s heads away. Already before the final release, a PS5 exclusive closed beta of multiplayer mode took place. We looked at each other for you and reveal what noteworthy changes we noticed in terms of gameplay.

Reading tip: All information about story, setting and characters can be found in our large campaign preview of the WW2 shooter.

Table of contents

  1. 1new minimum
  2. 2 doors and tactical sprints

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3. 3 launch series
4. 4 transformed class creation
5.Interactive cards
6. 6New modes
7. 7Best graphics
8. 84-tuned fame

New Minimap

Let s start directly with one of the most controversial innovations: the minimap. Here the developers of Sledgehammer Games have oriented on the two-year-old modern-warfare reboot. That means: Players, who embarked on the battlefield a shot without silencer, do not appear as red dots on the map – unlike in Black Ops Cold. If you want to change that, you have to equip a new perk called radar . Only with this will give you the position of firing enemies.

The tactical sprint brings again a little momentum into the game. Overall, Vanguard plays a bit slower than his predecessor. Source: PC Games In the community, that already encounters that on some counterwind. Many players are loudly demanding a return to the classic Minimap. The new system makes mufflers completely superfluous and camp much too easy. Whether the developers actually take the feedback to the heart remains to be seen. At least in Modern Warfare, however, the card was adjusted again after developer Infinity was over the first beta weekend has been showered with negative criticism.

Doors and tactical sprints

Speaking of Modern Warfare: Not only the map, some other elements from the 2019 call-of-duty offshoot celebrate a return in Vanguard. So you now have the opportunity to close doors and windows or to set a tactical sprint. Although you are traveling faster, too, you should also shoulder your weapon. So you need longer to switch from the running into the target animation, which makes you more susceptible to counterattacks. Last but not least, it is now possible to set up your weapon. So you can lean your rake on windows, tables or on the door frames, thus better control the recoil and target more precisely. New is that you can now move to the right and left in cover and even fire blind. Of course, however, your accuracy suffers.

Lagging series

Instead of point series, the Call of Duty: Vanguard again await the rates of shooting series. The Goliath is a World War Version of Train Longback Bad. Source: PC Games In Black Ops Cold, the developers were still on point series. So you were working on the course of a match to collect points for amusements, assists and fulfilled team goals. With which you can then unlock rewards such as a long-distance lens or a reconnaissance drone. Vanguard returns to the launch series instead. So it s about doing several players in a row without driving on themselves. Only three, four or more shots in a row there are bonuses. If you die in between, your kill count is reset and you have to start your series from the front.

Revised class creation

Suitable for the launcher we also take a look at the remaining possibilities in the classification. Not too much done here: you still have the choice of a primary and a secondary weapon, three perks, a deadly and a tactical equipment. To do this, the field fabrications that recharge in the course of a match. But these are no longer dependent on your operator, but freely selectable. Wildcards, who grant you additional bonuses, do not exist anymore in contrast to last year.

At the weaponsmith there will be even more options in the future. For example, you can select a AKIMBO option for your pistols at the sub-item skills . Source: PC Games Knarren can be adapted again to the weaponsmith. Here you can choose from a series of runs, compositions, handles, mouths and plenty of other stuff. Unlike in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold was even up to ten essays per gun! Accordingly, the developers have added a few new options again. The most exciting are probably Proficience and kit, which will give you a kind of weapon pear with an additional ability. For example, you have a greater melee range, can stop the air when targeting, shooting in sprint or equip Acimbo pistols. In addition, you will be able to choose from different types of ammunition such as fire or full coat.

Interactive cards

Already in previous call-of-duty parts, some MAP elements were demolishable. You call opponent for example through a thin wall. Proper environmental destruction, how to know them from Battlefield, did not exist. It was only introduced in Vanguard, at least a bit. Of course, the Reactive Environments touted in advance do not allow you to suddenly lay the entire environment in rubble and ash. A little little more chaos is already possible. On each card you can expect some selected objects that you can do: wooden surcharges, wood walls, smaller boxes and the like. This opens up new tactical options. For example, you can break through the wall like the Kool Aid and surprise your opponents. In addition to the Reactive Environments we also noticed a few other interaction possibilities. On the map Gavuntu, for example, it is possible to move a complete rule point by activating the lift of a stranded military ship. Cool thing, Sledgehammer Games, like more of it!

New modes

Already during a first alpha phase in August, the developers of Call of Duty: Vanguard (Buy Now 74.99 €) the new game mode Champion Hill present, a mix of Battle Royale and 2-counter-2 fire habits. In the beta, another game variant has now been revealed: the patrol mode. He works a bit like position. So it applies to take a point on the map and defend. There s then points. The hook on the thing is, however, that said point is no longer fix in one place, but migrates to a specified route over the card. This ensures additional dynamics again. You can not shone anymore and wait for the opponent to start an attack. Instead, you have to be constantly moving and open the eyes after all sides.

Randale! Call of Duty: Vanguard finally allows you to make a little bit short of the card environment. Source: PC Games Another change in modes: The big battlefields like modern warfares ground war for up to 64 players or black ops cold Wars fireteam for up to 40 participants were painted. Instead, a large part of the Map 20 available to the launch in Call of Duty: Vanguard focuses on the classic 6-counter-6 matches. Who wants to have a little more action, can turn Count at Combat Pacing and thus at the Player Count. This goes into three stages: Tactical, Assault and Lightning. So up to 28 simultaneous players on a map are possible, which of course offers a completely different gaming experience: sometimes you tactically sneaked through the area and peeks the environment after enemies. Let s wait for opponents behind every corner. Basically a good idea, but in the beta there were still a few problems, especially for spawning. A flash lot on the map Hotel Royal defeats a hot mess.

Better graphic

As is the modern-Warfare reboot, Vanguard puts on the IW 8.0 engine. Compared to Cold was based on a slightly improved version of the Black Ops-3 engine, a few significant graphics improvements are recognizable. This year s Call of Duty has more detailed weapons, rounder animations, sharper textures and a more natural lighting. Also fire, smoke, particle and explosion effects are more realistic. The sound design looks full of and more bassy than in its predecessor.

Declined fame

You can now return to corners through the support feature. This is already known from COD: Modern Warfare. Source: PC Games Last but not least, we also have to lose a few words about the gameplay. But not too many, that s not supposed to be a piercing application preview. At this point we just want to hold on: So far, Vanguard plays much slower than even black Ops Cold was. The characters have a little carrier, the weapons heavier and powerful. Some actions, such as reloading, the change from the sprint to target or throwing grenades take more time. So Vanguard seems to be aware of a careful to reward tactical approach and to set less on the classic run and gun former call-of-duty parts. Not everyone has to please everyone, but is a nice variety to the slightly arcad gaming experience from last year.

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15.09.2021 at 19:01