Tales of Arise How to do the dohalim

Stories of Arise has some of the coolest fighting in the franchise and one of the toughest is the dohalim boss fight. One of the cooler characters in the game is dohalim and finally closes to their group, but first they have to defeat him in a fight that uses all resources and reflexes they have to survive their incredibly harmful and fast attacks. Here s all you need to defeat dohalim in Tales of Arise.

Preparation for the dohalim boss fight

Dohalim is an absolute threat to our defense on all fronts. To counteract that, we will make sure we have a lot of accessories to defend ourselves against them. The most dangerous part of Dohalim are his Astral Artes attacks and for this we have to strengthen our elementary defense. The best way to do this is to make accessories in which magical defense is integrated. You can then upgrade this accessory to unlock other bonuses, such as your own elemental attacks.

In addition, you want so many Life Bottles and Orange Gels, as you can get into your hands. These are expensive, but dohalim will consume their health in an insane pace and they need them to keep up.

In terms of the squad, you have to make some decisions because the addition of Kisara makes things a bit more complicated. Simply said you need Kisara in this fight, it is incredibly valuable with your boost attack and your ability to protect, is needed together with your powerful attack capability. This will remain two more members who fill in the startup. You should go here with Law and Shionne while leaving Rinwell in the starting blocks to come in and use their boost attack when dohalim charges a magical attack.

How to defeat dohalim

At the right, dohalim will use its B-Naturae attack, which causes stones to rain anywhere on the battlefield. These are all evasable. So start with the control of Alphen, as it has the simplest way in the game. Although these rocks are dangerous, the most harmful train occurs when a huge boulders are set in the midst of their group and exploded. Escape the at any price as it can really do it. As soon as you avoided this attack, it s time to get to work.

Alphen should have released some great artes at this time, so it s time to combine and fill your boost ads. Law s is the first on deck, as he can occasionally break dohalim. Note how easily dohalim breaks after its big attacks. Take advantage of these opportunities to unleash hell every time. The use of Steel With Law is important because the attack and defense thrust will be very useful.

About a third of the fight will dohalim start his attack attacks. These are incredibly harmful and can hit you with 3 hits or less completely ko. To counteract this, we have two options. The first possibility is to avoid the attacks. If you are really safe in your timing, you can completely avoid the damage to this attack, but remember that he always occurs, so your reflexes have to be really good.

The other option is to use Kisara s boost attack. Their special ability is to stop the impulses of enemies, and this attack is exactly their cause, since the timely triggering is actually causing an intermediate sequence to play in the Kisara beats the crap from dohalim. So you should point out that you are on the right side.

The other way, how dohalim causes his damage is due to a variety of elemental spells. You should mix your accessories in your group so that some can plug in a physical punishment while the others can handle the elemental attacks. Of course, if you have rinwell as much as possible for a boost attack, you can ward off thalim s attacks like all other enemies, and each time this will break it.

If you are playing as alpha, keep away from your flaming edge attacks, as they easily harm them compared to the amount they share. Stay fast with your species attack. You can also use remote attacks such as Demon Fang, although the damage will probably not be too high at this time. Shionne is also very valuable here, as most of your attacks are from a great distance and you can do a lot of damage while avoiding the short actions of dohalim.

Like many battles in Tales of Arise, Dashalim s boss fight becomes a crimping war. To ensure that you survive the marathon, you can try to reduce the magic times in your capability tree. As a result, healing and resurrection magic can be triggered much faster, which is important here, as dohalim moves very quickly via the battlefield. If you are equipped with good defense accessories and your boost display is constantly filled, you should prove to be a winner. Stories of Arise is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.