Genshin Impact Rosaria Construction Guide

The Cryo 4-Star Mondstadt, Rosaria, comes with Sangonomiya Kokomi in his new banner, Drifting Luminescence for Impacto of Genshin . Rosaria s sister Mondstadt church, but her position does not protect others from cold and ruthless behavior it. Church members often have quiet and spiritual personalities, but Rosaria is an outlier that only cares about anything related to the Church. Unlike Barbara s sister, Rosaria focuses more on her fighting skills in healing.

She read on to learn how to build the mysterious sister and distant in the official guide of TechRaptor Rosaria building.

Impacto of Genshin Rosaria Guide – Computer Role

Rosaria is a unit rather unique in the sense that it serves multiple roles; main DPS, DPS and secondary support. This diverse set of options is the product s ability to increase the rate it CRIT for her and her allies from it, and for Cryo application.

With multiple ways to build Rosaria, there are many sets of artifacts and weapons they can equip to harness the talents of her.

Genshin Impacto of Rosaria Guide – Talents

Normal Attack Rosaria: it takes up to 5 consecutive hits with polearm.
Attack loaded Rosaria: it consumes stamina and jump forward to inflict damage on enemies.
Attack on chopping Rosaria: Immerse yourself down with the polearm of Rosaria, causing damage to any enemy on the road and AOE damage on impact.

Runs behind an enemy and deal Cryo DMG.
This attack increases if CRIT rate Rosaria Rosaria hits the back of the enemy.

Cut opponents, causing Cryo DMG, then call an Ice Lance inflicting additional DMG Cryo periodically.
This attack increases the rate of CRIT of the allies by 15% CRIT rate of Rosaria.

Genshin Impact Guide Rosaria – Artifacts

Blizzard set Strayer commonly used characters Cryo.

The two-piece The bonus from this set gives increased 15% to Cryo DMG.
The four-piece The bonus increases your critical rate by 20%. Frozen enemies give the characters an additional 20%, which increases the critical rate to 40%.

Since Rosaria is constantly applying Cryo DMG, this set is ideal for her, especially if it runs as Sub-DPS. Sub-DPS Rosaria not have to deal with a lot of DMG physical, but mainly with Cryo, so Blizzard Strayed adapts well to her for that.

The whole blood stained Cav is commonly used in DMG physical characters.

The two-piece The bonus from this set gives increased 25% to physical harm.
The four pieces The bonus for this set gives increased 50% to ATQ Loaded damage after an enemy is defeated and decreases the cost of Resistance at 0 for 10 seconds.

Cavalry bloodied fits into a main DPS Rosaria depends largely on their physical DMG. The bonus of the four-piece set allows you to easily remove Rosaria mobs, but not very useful against bosses. It might be good to balance the Cavalry bloodstained two parts with a two-piece Strayer Blizzard.

A set of characters commonly used in supporting and sub-DPS.

The two-piece The bonus from this set gives increased 20% to Explosion elemental damage.
The four-piece The bonus from this set bonus grants ATQ increase of 20% to all teammates after the user use his elemental explosion.

In the fit more in the role of Sub DPS Rosaria, Noblesse Oblige is always a safe addition it has the potential to get a huge amount of bonuses for allies. Rosaria and CRIT rate increases of allies, so to strengthen the ATK of the Allies will become a powerful team mate Sub DPS.

Genshin Impacto of Rosaria Guide – Weapons

Polearm a 4 star pass available in the battle.

Increases ATK% 16% if more than two enemies close; ATK% increases by 24% if less than two enemies nearby. DEF also it increases by 16% if more than two enemies nearby.
The secondary statistical increases CRIT rate at a maximum of 36.8%.

Deathmatch fits perfectly with most characters with spears. CRIT Rate Rosaria advantage of this weapon, improving the ability of it to make additional damage and contribute a higher rate CRIT to her teammates.

Polearm a 4 star occasionally available in the store.

Increases ATK by 12% after an enemy is defeated. This effect can stack three times.
Statistics secondary CRIT DMG increases at a maximum of 55.1%.

Blackcliffe Pole is an alternative to DeathMatch that provides similar liabilities with Crit DMG instead of Crit Rate. If you are focused on making ROSARIA more a main DPS and less a secondary DPS, BlackCliff Pole is a better option.

A 4-star assembly weapon that can be manufactured after a mission in the Dragonspine region.

Normal and loaded attacks have a 60% chance of forming an everfrost icicle on an opponent, causing damage equal to 80% of ATQ AOE.
Secondary statistics increases physical damage by a maximum of 69%.

The dragon spine spear is, in any case, a burial weapon for Rosaria, since it increases the physical damage of it and gives a blessing that makes AOE random ATK damage. This weapon is extremely selfish and, therefore, is the best for a primary DPS Rosaria.

impact of Genshin Rosaria guide – Composition of the equipment

The construction of Rosaria can cross the line between Main DPS and Sub DPS. Whatever the path you choose when building it, you will determine how the composition of your equipment will be seen. His DMG cryo means that he will want teammates who can resonate with that, preferably Hydro allies or even electro. This is because Hydro s allies can freeze with Cryo and Electro allies can overload with Cryo, allowing Rosaria to distribute more physical harm.

ROSARIA may also include a cryogenic ally for cryogenic resonance, which increases the rate of critics against enemies affected by cryography by 15%.

Tartaglia (Hydro Main DPS)
Kujou Sara (Electro Sub DPS)
Diona (Support Cryo + shields)

Tartaglia is the main distributor of damage from this team, but also leaves room for characters like Rosaria and Sara to obtain its Sub DPS DMG as well. Rosaria and Tartaglia will freeze the enemies, leaving them open to the devastating attacks based on Hydro de Tartaglia. Diona allows Rosaria and Tartaglia to benefit from a cryogenic resonance at the same time that they give the cure and shield team.

Rosaria is a striking and eye-catching character who is mysteriously affiliated with a group that barely shares her morality. It s cold behavior is complemented by the icy movements of it, which devastates enemies on their way with a cold combination of Cryo and Physical DMG. Using this construction guide will help you bring Rosara to the maximum potential of it.

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