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Square Enix is today (24) day Nintendo, nintendo Direct , exposes the Nier series producer Zhao Taro : Dragon Island (Translation, Voice of Cards ド ゴ ゴ) The latest forecast, let players speak roughly to play. Voice of card: Dragon Island is a Table RPG video Voice , players will embark on a Dragon Slayer journey. The Voice is almost all cards from roles, shops, towns, and various environments. 3 Move on topographic cards such as grass in the wild, there will be a chance to meet the enemy s narrow road, and will be competed with the enemy. In addition to the basic role card, there will be a skill card, the roll, etc., and the roll. Voice of card: Dragon Island is expected to mount Nintendo Switch, PS4 , and Steam on October 28 this year. In the future, I will launch Nier: Artificial life Ver.1.22474487139 … DLC, will take the lead in the presence of playing Demo in each platform, interested readers can first experience.