Play Repo CO OP Shooter Alien Fire Team Elite can enjoy the best if you watch the movie version

Focus Home Interactive (Domestic: 3 Goo) will be released, COLD IRON STUDIOS developed PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / XBOX SERIES X | Software for S / PC software Alien: Fireteam Elite (Aliens: fireteam Elite) Was released on September 16, 2021.

This work is an online CO-OP TPS that defeats various types of aliens and androids while the up to three players are linked. The SF movie Alien triplets will be set in the world from 23 years after the three-year work, and the player will carry out a number of tasks as a Unified US Union Colony Marine Corps.

First, if you stated this effect, there are many elements that you can enjoy as a game, but those who are concerned about this work as a shirt are appreciated that it will be Alien 2 before play I thought it would be better. The author believes that the way of thinking about this work is about 180 degrees if there is no knowledge of Alien ? .

Such a movie Alien We will deliver the play report of this work to be able to enjoy with the trilogy.

Human vs Alien vs Android s Three Triangle Battle

The enemy is an alien and a bite, and in addition to the zenomo-flanter that will eat short distance attacks, the face hugar who eats on the human face, the attack pattern and the ability, such as the face hugar who will try to detain human beings. There are different individuals.

In the war with aliens, roring to avoid attacks, not only AIM and route, and rolling to avoid attacks. For example, the aforementioned zenomo-f offer is approaching to constrain the player, but it is not restrained if it avoided with good timing. In this way, we will frequently take avoidance behavior.

The enemy is not only aliens. It is also possible to spread the armed Wayland Utani Android and a shooting battle. These androids are also hostile with aliens, so some stages will be a battle of triangles. In the battle of Three-torsoming, it is necessary to choose the partner to look at the war situation, and I felt interesting.

And the weapon owned by the player character is the main Weapon and Subwepon, and the Handgun. The weapons that can be possessed by classes described later are different. Also, although this will also be described later, there is an ability that can be used by class, and you can use it to defeat the enemy or support friends.

Alien Game Balance

Campaign mode is provided with three stages for four different locations. The degree of difficulty is five types of casual standard integrated-outstream insane. BOT s fellow (Android) is also available, so it can be played even with solo.

The mission is basically the content that goes to the deepest part of the stage while defeating the enemy, and along the way, we will receive instructions such as base defense and goal destruction. In the early stages, I felt monotonous in the contents, but from the middle of the game, there are more interesting situations such as the battle of the above three traumers and escaping by the time limit. The author decided to think that it was like duty education to get used to the basics of the early stage.

Also, the game balance is exquisite that feels aliens . For example, if you shoot the main weapon, you will always be aware of the number of gun bullets, as it will be truncated soon. Of course there are subwepons and handgans, but I feel a little more reliable. Until the stage was installed on the stage, it can not be anxious and helped.

And because the physical strength is a system that recovers using an emergency kit instead of automatic recovery, careful action is required, and when the first aid kit is exhausted in the middle of the task, it is attacked by a sense of hopelessness.

By the way, a hidden crate appears randomly on the stage. Among them, in addition to the emotors, there were also consumables such as turret and weapons, so many players were actively exploring the stage. Treasure hunt elements that bring useful things to players are one of the fun of this work.

It is a lot of defects that I felt dissatisfied. There are many places where you can freeze with high probability on a specific stage, and the enemies to be defeated are often buried in the ground and the game has become impaired or the game was interrupted due to connection errors. These bugs should be corrected immediately by the update.

Enjoy with an integrated element & season system long!

Once you have cleared the campaign mode, you will release the hood mode that will repel the many enemies that will come. If you live through 10 waves, you can get a substitute ticket that purchases weapons, etc., so it may be impatient to those who want to strengthen the player or class.

Also, in addition to the Tactical Opera that can be rewarded by achieving the specified conditions, it is called a Challenge Card System that results in benefits and disadvantages, such as increasing rewards, such as increasing rewards, as well as in the game It also provides an element element.

In addition, updates to add new elements are also scheduled, and the other day the season 1: Flanx was delivered to add new class flants. Since the season 2 is also added to various new elements, it is likely to be expected in the future development.

Customize the character who can also enjoy puzzles

As mentioned earlier, seven types of classes are provided in this work.

Establishes Demolisher , Demoisher , which overwhelms enemies, such as Gunner , Micro Rocks, etc., Demo Restriers , such as Micro Rockets, etc. And Dok with an ability to restore the entire allies, Farranks to protect from shooting, Farranks , which has the ability to find enemies, etc., all have unique ability.

Each class has an element such as a park , and a limited square will fit the park block to improve the capacity. If the class level goes up, the number of park types and blocks will increase, so the character customization width will be further spread.

In addition, weapons can be customized, and three types of attachments of scope magazine Muzzle can be installed.

In this way, the player character involved in the player character can be customized widely, but the degree of freedom of character making is low and only selects the prepared part. However, if you are promoting the game, you will be able to create a unique look as it releases clothes and head ornaments.

Alien triplet is required to enjoy the story

In this work, the story is well prepared, but still felt that the main was a battle with aliens. To be honest, I was not able to learn any name of the character, and I could not understand what the story was. If this is an enthusiastic alien fan, it may have an impression different from the author.

However, in the lobby, many things appeared in the alien tri-crop, and during the battle, the alien 2 moving sensor is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. Such fine production may not be a nerow even if it is not an enthusiastic fan?

In this way, this work certainly does not enjoy the movie alien trilogy, but there is certainly the element that can not be enjoyed, but as the online CO-OP TPS, there were many elements that felt originality, so If it is recommended! It is not easy to fix with the word and I do not want to imitate the gamer. The person who reads this article and interested in this work is strongly recommended to enjoy from Alien trilogy.

Aliens: FireTeam Elite is on sale for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC. The price is a Special Edition (Package Only) , which contains 4,950 yen (tax included) and DLC Endeavor Veteran Pack , and the contents of the Special Edition included Special Edition included. Deluxe edition (download only) is 7,700 yen (tax included).