2D Search Action Rhodes Island Senki DIWL

PLAYISM and WSS PLAYGROUND have given the best seller fantasy novel Rhodes Island Senki that has been written by Mr. Hiro Mizuno, the Rhodes Island Senki as a search type 2D action Rhodes island Senki De Rit In Wonder Lavillin Sue announced on December 16, 2021 on PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch.

This work is a search type 2D action game that makes the main character of De Rit , a heroine of the original novel, under the supervision of Hiroshima Mizuno. The story of Deurit in a blank period from the latest work Rhodes of Lordos Island Senki Landwear issued in 2019 is drawn. Development was started as an early access work in Steam and full release in March 2021. We have sold more than 100,000 in Global Sales.

Players use spirit and various weapons, magical power, and proceed with vast labyrinth. Defeat the enemy and strengthen the level of spirits in Seoul Stream to advance the battle, and make full use of the attributes and bows of the two spirits of Silph and Salamander and broke up a number of gimmicks. GAME SPARK has a play report of the STEAM version past.

Package version is also released with PS4 / PS5 / Nintendo switch. Console version key art is in charge of the picture of Rhodes of Rhodes Island Senki Conjunction on the popular illustrator. Package version Art is also an illustration by he. Original soundtracks and special books are included in the initial production (quantity limited).

First edition production bonus

Original Soundtrack (all 22 songs)
-The jacket draws all illustrations by Kai Chizuru, who was in charge of his PC version (5 pieces)

Lordos Island Senki-De Rit Inn Wonder Labyrinth-Special Book-A record of Mr. Yutaka, who was responsible for the illustration of the Novel Version Rhodes Island Senki , also contains

This time, 8 new languages ​​have been added, Rhodes Island Senki De Rit In Wonder Labyrinthe PS4 / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch Version is released on December 16, 2021. Package version 3,980 yen / download version 2,480 yen. The package version has been started with a reservation at a national retail store.