Today today s puzzle adventure Fog Island is born it is difficult to have no Raiders but the scenery is beautiful and pure collection

A island is an organized kind of play, generally undertaken for home entertainment or enjoyable, and in some cases made use of as an instructional tool. Gamings stand out from job, which is normally executed for remuneration, and from art, which is much more commonly an expression of visual or ideological elements. However, the distinction is not clear-cut, as well as many video islands are also taken into consideration to be job (such as expert players of viewer sporting activities or islands) or art (such as jigsaw challenges or video islands involving an artistic layout such as Mahjong, jewelry, or some computer island).
islands are sometimes played totally for enjoyment, occasionally for accomplishment or benefit also. They can be played alone, in teams, or online; by novices or by experts. The players may have a target market of non-players, such as when individuals are amused by viewing a chess championship. On the other hand, players in a island may constitute their own audience as they take their turn to play. Often, part of the amusement for kids playing a island is choosing that is component of their target market and who is a player. A toy and also a island are not the exact same. Toys typically permit unrestricted play whereas video islands featured present policies.
Secret components of video islands are objectives, rules, challenge, and interaction. Gamings typically entail psychological or physical excitement, and commonly both. Lots of islands help establish useful skills, function as a kind of workout, or otherwise carry out an educational, simulational, or psychological function.
Attested as early as 2600 BC, video islands are an universal component of human experience and also present in all cultures. The Royal island of Ur, Senet, as well as Mancala are some of the earliest known video islands.

Today is September 24, 2021. At 11 o clock last night, there were many people who were holding excited mood, and the reticulous island of the netfield must have a complete listing of the Diablo 2 . Even if it is only lifting the quality and image, most of the content is not more, but there are still many old players who are happy. After all, everyone now hopes that the snow is still disappointing.

Distinguishment for so-called Adventure, is also the adventure type island like? Usually mentioned this type of island, most players may read the works of secret room escape , in fact, most of the ADV types of island logic and structures are similar, there will be a spindle story, escape The XX place is a very common ultimate goal, and the room escape can make players more easily access to the atmosphere.

Early, this type of island, mostly in static pictures, with the slogan of the slogan, as well as the text narrative, slowly bring the island story, and gradually advance, the process will have a variety of puzzles And clues, you need to play with brains with brain and stripped, let players get a sense of accomplishment, this is the charm of the ADV type island.

Today, 28 years ago, there is a fairly classic adventure type island, and today, today, this series still has new works, the name of this island is called fog island (MyST, also known as Mystery Island ).

The island promotional film of the foggy island in 1993, you can see the role of Landmler personally playing

神奇 弟 小兵 大功 大功 创功 出 百 经 作

The island development studio Cyan founded by Rand Miller and Robin Miller Brothers, in 1987, it was founded in the McKin Tower platform in 1987. The island similar to The Manhole island is also a topic way of the protagonist being inhaled in the fantasy world . After published at the relevant seminar of Macintatta, you have won a lot of praise.

Later, CYAN cooperated with Japan s Sun Soft to propose the initial foggy island s island development plan, and successfully got gold aid from the sun, CYAN, fully developed the island, and owned it in individual The right to sell on the computer platform, solar electronic themselves are the issuance of the issuance of TV players and other platforms.

The island was originally only available on the McKin Tower platform. The usage of McKin Tower was originally a niece. The initial sales did not have explosive performance, but after the island launched, due to the excellent interest in itself, plus Macworld The promotion of related media is helping, and after selling the number after selling the number, it has come to 200,000, which is already very unpleasant, usually only a masterpiece has a way.

In March 1994, the foggy island immediately issued a Windows version. Sales were still quite bright. In 1995, it has exceeded millions, and there is still a total of hundreds of thousands of sales figures, and the sun electronography is also added to other island platforms. , Sega Saturn, PlayStation, 3Do and so on have played a foggy island.

Said in 2000, the sales of fascia is 6 million, and the final number is about 6.3 million.

买 回 不见 要 破 优 优 优 图像 图像 图像 让 逛 逛 逛 逛 逛 逛

The foggy island can have such a bright performance. In addition to itself, there is an except for the architecture of the general traditional island, the beautiful scene pictures in the island are also refreshing, and those scenes seem to have a island name. Like MyST , a machine device filled with steam ponyc style does not only be against the beautiful scenery on the island, but it is more different that the island is different, full of mystery and mystery, let people want to get a look One.

It is said that some consumers will buy the island back at the time. It is not to give it to the station, but just want to browse the beautiful scene pictures in the island, imagine that he will take it to heal, even Miller brothers Also said that buying islands will be able to present progress to the first island (world) player, may be less than 50%.

难 难 门 Threshold high persuade a lot of players Raiders this sale of 300,000

However, the difficulty of this work is indeed, it is also obvious. Maybe most players, including the small tiger yourself, when the island is the same as the foggy island, many time is the second gold, I can t touch my mind, fundamental I don t know what this island is doing. I only know that I am like a bit strange islands, keeping around the scene to walk around the scene, although some facilities look very unusual, but only press the button, push the handle, nor What kind of feedback, the focus is the island s basin, there is no half of the people, even a dialogue is … I don t know what to do, simply shut down, and play the island.

This is probably a lot of people who have the first time to play the foggy island. Maybe it is occasionally want to mention the heart and try again, but in the face of the puzzles that seem to be rattled, it is really looking for it. Answer, and finally give up again. It is understood that the relevant Raiders of the island have exceeded 300,000.

When CYAN developed this island, CYAN has lived in a multi-work in this island. In the island, there is no current set of props in the island, you can only keep looking for clues, starting by triggering agency Device, sometimes you may have to come back in both ends of the island, just to confirm what you have done, what changes have caused.

There is almost no conversation in the island, and there are almost no one can talk, or text messages, single is only the attractions made up by one picture, to find out the various clues needed by the island, the difficulty of the puzzle can be said It is quite high, and many people will fight the drums at the beginning. After all, the brain is nothing to do. And these need to be very patient, but there are still many players who are willing to challenge, and have fun.

The first thing is still having a work to launch the player to feel the charm of the foggy island.

After the first success of the foggy island, CYAN, of course, will not forget to win the victory, and launched a Fun Island: Star Show in 1997, it also has the same performance. Nice results, selling 1.5 million copies within one year. Thereafter, the three generations, four generations, five generations, and generations of remanufacturers were sold more, and even the works of multi-person wired types Uru Live .

I have also passed out, the island of the fog will launch the revision of the TV series, but there is no subsequent news, while on August 26 last month, CYAN also launched the VR version of the foggy island, so that players can use Oculus or It is the VR device launched by HTC to play, so that players can use the most intuitive experience after nearly 30 years, and they can experience the charm of the foggy island.

Do you want to experience the world of foggy islands? August 2021 VR version of the foggy island has been listed, using Oculus or HTC s VR device, you can enter the adventure in Myst s book!

All series of current foggy islands can be played on several platforms such as Steam.