Toutes les versions exclusives de Pokemon Sword and Shield The Isle of Armor

All pokemon games have exclusive versions. It is a constant attempt to socialize and interact with each other. The new épée and shield the DLC, the island of Armor, added 105 Pokémon generations previous to the new game. Some of them are exclusive to different versions.

With complete list of exclusive versions of serebii.net, we can find those who have been added with the new DLC. There are only four exclusive versions of Pokémon in the DLC Isle of Armor.

épée Exclusive Pokémon

Clawncher is the Pokémon Howtizer introduced in the six generation. It evolves at level 37 in Clawitzer. Both are water type pokemon with a high special attack.

The water type clawncher is on the island of Armor in the training sea, the Island Sea, the Sea of ​​Tremplin and the sea of ​​honey. They can also be found at Honeycalm Island. Clawncher and Clawitzer can also be found in Max Raid s battles in the Workout Sea, Insular Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea and Honeycalm Sea.

Bouclier Exclusive Pokémon

Skrelp is the Pokémon Mock Kelp introduced in the six generation. It evolves in Dragalge at level 48. Skrelp is a poison and water type. During his evolution, he loses the type of secondary water and wins dragon in his place.

Skrelp and Dragalge are in the wild in Bouclier Pokémon . The chances of finding Skrelp are higher. The Pokémon is in the training sea, the Sea of ​​Tremplin, the island sea, the Honeycalm Sea and the Island of Honeycalm. They can also be found in the Max Raid battles in the chains of the training sea, the Sea Stepping Stone, the Island Sea and the Honeycalm Sea.