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GTA 5 and RDR 2 Halloween

Red Dead Redemption II, is a video game of Action-Adventure and Western Multiplatform, developed by Rockstar Studios, and published by Rockstar Games, released October 26, 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and November 5, 2019 on Windows. A Stadia version also released November 19, 2019. He is part of the Red Dead License and is the successor of the Red Dead Redemption Action-Adventure Game and its extension UNDEAD NIGHTMARE, marketed in 2010 at the same publisher. The game is acclaimed by the criticism, getting an average rating of 97/100 on Metacritic and Gamerankings.

Today, all kinds of children are pulling through the streets again and cover themselves on the front doors with plenty of sweets. At the same time, players from GTA 5 online and Red Dead Online can fall into suitable challenges that went to the start this week.

Halloween week in GTA 5 online

Players of GTA 5 Online will once again be rewarded plenty – with additional GTA $ & RP. The threefold reward is available in the Halloween bunker series. Double GTA $ & RP is creaming in the extraterrestrial survival fights as well as in competitive struggles. In addition, you will receive a free orange skull protective mask and the Red Street Crimes Gangs T-Shirt in the latter mode, if you win the event goods.

Also, the psychedelic peyote plants are waiting for you, the new slot machine Camhedz is available until 3 November 2021 and there is 40 percent discount on all skylactors and associated adjustments and improvements. Furthermore, UFO sightings are reported, while slots and phantom vehicles on the streets drive their misrepresentation.

How to get the HALLOWEEN PASS 2 Free Reward (Red Dead Online Halloween Update)
Other components of the event week:

Free design Find the Hai for the Pegassi Toreador for logging in
Vehicle rabs : 50% on the MTL Cerberus (Nightmare), Doclasse Brutus (Nightmare), Hvy Scarab (Nightmare), Vapid Imperator (Nightmare), Annis ZR380 (Nightmare) and the Western Deathbike (Nightmare) and 35% on the LCC Sanctus and 30% on the Pfister Growler
The main prize of the week on the lucky wheel : Albany Lurcher in the Muchmasman Design
Pricing vehicle and manufacture : Comes four days in a row under the first two in the roadside series and wins the Obey Tailgater S
Test Vehicles in the Car Meet : Ocelot Pariah, Pfister Comet S2, Emperor Vectre

The Prime Gaming Bonuses (Prime and Rockstar Accounts must be linked) include 100,000 GTA $ for playing throughout this week as well as the motorcycle LCC Sanctus (available at Southern San Andreas Super Cars). Add 70 percent to the Western Company BESRA and the Truffade Z-Type.

Halloween Pass in Red Dead Online

Players of Red Dead Online, the multiplayer part of Red Dead Redemption 2, in turn benefit from the new Halloween passport 2, which brings a series of Makabrer rewards for unlocking over 15 ranks.

More from rock star:

GTA Trilogy: The optical improvements under the magnifying glass
GTA Trilogy: The improvements in the overview

These include the blood sap of Boucher coat, the Killerby arm protectioners or the Glabella Lantern. Owners of all four parts of the Quick Draw Club receive the Halloween Pass 2 for free. It is available until November 22, 2021. Below you can watch an associated trailer:

Watch video on YouTube

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World Championship Games

T1 Paker and 2 million viewers who had returned to the Ring Cup in two years

In two years, the power of T1 and Pakers, returning to the World Championship, the power of Pakers was awesome.

E-sports charts (ESPORTS Charts), which provide sports indicators, released a city hall (12th), the League of Legend> World Championship (League Cup).

The most prominent thing is the indicator of T1. The Japanese League Champion DFM and Group Stage s first matching T1 took a survival of more than 2.2 million top viewers. 2019 Rolled Cup 8 River G2 Gaming Gaming (currently, 212 million), as well as IG and FPX (209 million), more than the highest viewers of FPX (209 million). Considering that it was a group stage game, not a tournament, it is a result of a impressive number.

These reactions are also connected to T1 and Pakers who have returned to the rolled cup for a long time. T1 is a 2019 Rhode Cup, followed by a 2020 LCK Spring Champion, but it has been sluggish by the Summer Season. In other words, T1 corresponds to the 2-year return. Besides, T1 is a global popularity e-sports team that is loved by domestic as well as overseas. That s why I have been interested in the T1 and fans on the T1 and Pakker, which appeared in the rolled cup for a long time.

On the other hand, at the 2021 Rinding Cup Group Stage, which began on the 11th, LCK s solo was shining.

Congeria was a overwhelming game against FPX, which was exhibited by China (Legs of League of Legend> (LG) (LPL) 2 disades, and Zen and Hanwha Life E Sports will defeat the LPL LNG and European belonging Penta I informed it. T1 passed the play-in stage and was the first time after the priug was established, the Japanese DFM, which is the first Rinding Cup Group Stage, was released in 19 minutes 53 seconds.

The LCK teams start today (12 days), starting with eight o clock, T1 and EDG to the second day of group stage. 2021 The Rind Cup Group Stage will proceed to 18th and will be in the 8th tournament on the 12th. The long-awaited finals of the winning team will be held on November 6, the Icelandic Run Gart Mans.

Jonathan Tah Games

Again crash How strong is Bayer Leverkusen really

Fast and Furious (The Fast and The Furious), or fast and dangerous in Quebec, is a US-German film directed by Rob Cohen, released in 2001. This is the first film of the Fast and Furious franchise.

The gamble of the largest title opportunity at home against a second division is admitted for Bayer Leverkusen a brutal setback, as well as Jonathan Tah. The disappointment is obviously very big, very difficult to work with, said the defender, who afterwards no excuses for the failure of said seek wanted.

Thus, the national team was the lack of both injured center-forward Patrik Schick and Lucas Alario, do not apply. Although the lack of efficiency in the 1: 2 against KSC was central significance. Nevertheless emphasized Tah: The two have been missing us, of course, so had not so much to do but it was so that we did not manage it well in recent games, the situations to play right to the end, that we did not. were clear enough in the actions, not focused enough.

As in Cologne had Bayer numerous promising situations with a mixture of negligence and lack of concentration were left. It was not that it was not possible, said Tah for missed getting ahead despite the early counter-hit and the lack of own efficiency.

Tah takes Hradecky in protection: mistakes are each

Even the serious blunder by Lukas Hradecky before 1: 2, played as the goalkeeper Karlsruhe goal scorers Choi the ball into the feet, Tah did not want to be in focus. Especially not formulate any accusations. No, Luke has been in enough games that he is an extremely important player for us as a captain, as a leading player, said the 25-year-old, Error must each make.

What Bayer unfortunately took that night too literally. 1 also from any fine figure as Tah and his defense colleague Edmond Tapsoba the early 0 gave. And front versiebten Moussa Diaby, amines Adli and substitute Spanish U-17 national team Iker Bravo, who became as wild cards with 16 years and 287 days the youngest professional used the Leverkusen club history, the best chances.

Despite all the problems, however, Tah sees no parallel to the previous season, in which Bayer is a 1: 2 defeat to Bayern Munich on matchday 13, experienced a brutal crash. Whether he was sure that there would be no repeat of the story, Tah was asked. Definitely, said the defender, because we are not in the last year.

The game against Wolfsburg is enormously important.


Although the sense of achievement last stayed away, he sees no break in the game Werkself. It was clear that all the time it can not go so steeply, said the big man, stressed, however, we still have the same actions. If we take advantage of it looks the same as in the beginning of the season.

But that s the crucial question: How strong Bayer is really? Let the Werkself but even when on paper famous victories for example against Gladbach and Celtic Glasgow (each with 4: 0) in rows chances to and was in the starting phase of the season solely on the BVB for this negligence in the 3: punished 4 defeat.

Bayer gets the receipt for negligence in defense and attack

But now gets Bayer in every game, albeit with brutal severity, the receipt for the negligence in defensive as offensive. A situation that is dangerous as Tah white. An impression which is not allowed to settle. We need to shake off as quickly as possible. The next game is not far away. We have to draw our conclusions from the game. From the last games where we were not efficient, and against Wolfsburg bring home something better on the court.

Bayer 04 Leverkusen | Club History
If this is unsuccessful as early as Saturday, threatening what Tah now may not yet recognize. The game against Wolfsburg That is enormously important above all things for our confidence we do not start talking about it, that we are in a hole -… Because I do not see the

Now, in the first difficult stage of the season, have to after the departure of the Bender brothers prove just the new leaders as Tah. Another setback against ailing wolves would otherwise have change the perspective of the defense chiefs significantly.

video game

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Geheimnisnacht Update Now Available

Squid Game (Korean Original Title: 오징어 게임 Ojingeo Game, German, Inkfish game ) is a South Korean dramaeria implemented by the production company Siren Pictures for Netflix. The series was published on 17 September 2021 worldwide on Netflix.Vier weeks after publication, the series of about 111 million Netflix accounts had been retrieved. This was the most successful Netflix series start to date. The previous record holder was the first season of Bridgeron with 82 million invokes after four weeks.

A cost-free upgrade to the video game, Fatshark Games announced that Warhammer: Vermintide 2 s Geheimnisnacht upgrade has actually returned.

This upgrade brings with it Grudge Marks, which bring an intensified challenge to the Chaos Wastes expansion of Vermintide 2. Relying on trouble, each Grudge Significant beast brings with it a collection of qualities that changes their defensive and offensive behavior. Readily available for both PC and gaming consoles, this update brings with it 10 characteristics in all.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Official Grudge Marks and Geheimnisnacht Trailer
According to Fatshark Chief Executive Officer Martin Wahlund:

The Warhammer Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes expansion was a significant success and also we enjoy to add even greater challenges for the gamers. And also at the same time we bring the greatest Geheimnisnacht occasion we have actually ever before set up.

Additionally, a new loss collection will certainly be readily available for the Huntsman, Handmaiden, Slayer, Fight Wizard, and Zealot occupations.

For those that had actually like a taste of what s ahead, you can enjoy a trailer below:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2– Grudge Marks & Geheimnisnacht|Authorities Trailer

Latest Gaming Information

Assassin Creed Games

Assassin s Creed Infinity will change the full saga but it will not be a free play

Assassin s Creed Infinity revealed a few months ago as the future of Ubisoft s popular saga. Although there are still not many details, the idea is that it will be the epicenter of license content, adding diversity of options and proposals without having to be limited, for example, to a single thematic setting.

With this evolutionary premise, own games like Fortnite or Destiny, many users were thought that it could be a free-to-play and that each player would choose how to invest, either in the acquisition of new missions, suits and other extras.

Assassin's Creed Infinity Rumors (New AC Game, Different Assassins Stories, Franchise Reboot)
But Yves Guillemot, Mandamás de Ubisoft, has clarified the fact: it will not be free. He has said so in declarations to the Gamespot media when more information has been asked about it.

It s not going to be a free [game], Guillemot said. This game will have many narrative elements, it will be a very innovative game, but will have what the players already have in all the other games of Assassin s Creed, all the elements that love directly from the beginning. So it goes To be a great game. But with many elements that already exist in the games we publish in the past, says the manager.

Assassin s Creed Infinity is, at the moment, its name on the key and aims to be a massive online platform that evolves over time and that offer a faithful experience to the saga, but subject to change, to join the new trends.

Infinity will contain multiple scenarios with space to expand to others in the months and years after its debut, they say from Bloomberg after talking with internal sources of Ubisoft that they asked not to be identified to talk about a developing project that could cost them the position.

Finished House Games

A cruel serial killer awaits us in the next Dark Pictures

This is not a scoop for those who finished House of Ashes, but Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have just put online officially the first glimpse of the Dark Pictures, which was baptized The Devil in Me.

The theme of this final episode of Season 1 is structured around a serial killer particularly in love with his art, as we could see in many movies and series. One of those who feed until the last moment of fear, suffering and supplications of his victims, which he performs sophisticated. Not yet an exit window for this new title, but if SuperMassive Games holds its usual pace, we should be able to count on this new premium and family history in time for the next Halloween.

Bandai Namco shared these few lines about the scenario of this episode:

A group of documentary filmmakers receives a mysterious invitation to go to Murder Castle, a reconstruction of the hotel including Hh Holmes, considered the first serial killer in America, owned. They quickly discover that they are observed, and that the issue is much more important than a question of hearing. Enter the most bloody history of anthology, where each of your choices once again will live and will die. Look with Horror your unfortunate team become the prey of a twisted host that observes each of their movements.

Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Video Announcement

Class Trouble Games

PlayStation Plus In November 2021 with Knockout City First Class Trouble Kingdoms of Amalur Re Reckoning and Three PSVR

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) November 2021 (PS+)

The PlayStation Plus title in November 2021 are fixed. From next Tuesday (2 November), the PS Plus subscribers may secure the three games Knockout City (PS4 / PS5), First Class Trouble (PS4 / PS5) and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4). The trio will be available until the 6th of December. In addition, PS-Plus members can add the following PlayStation VR titles to their library by January 3, 2022: UNTIL YOU Case, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and The Persistence. Until November 2, PS-Plus members can redeem the October Games (Bright Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21). Knockout City, First Class Trouble and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning can be included in the play libraries by Monday, December 6th. The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition and Until You case are available by Monday, January 3.

Ronald Koeman Games

La Liga Ronald Koeman fired at FC Barcelona Succession

Lionel Andrés Leo Messi Cuccittini [Ljonel andɾes Mesi] (born June 24, 1987 in Rosario) is an Argentine football player. Messi played over 21 years from his age of 14 for FC Barcelona. At the age of 24, he became record scorer of the club and with 25 recent players in the history of Primera División, who scored 200 Goals. Messi scored 672 goals and 305 goal templates in 778 competitive games for Barcelona. He is with 474 ligators in 520 playing best scorer as well as with 217 goal templates of best preparers of the first Spanish league. From his debut in the professional team in October 2004 to May 2021, Messi won with the association 35 titles, including 4 times the Champions League, 10 times the Spanish championship and 7 times the Copa del Rey. Since August 2021 Messi is under contract at Paris Saint-Germain.
He is the eightie scorer of the Spanish league, six-time winner of the Golden Shoe (Goal Scorer King Europe) and six-time scoring of the Copa del Rey and thus holds the record. He is also six-time scorer of the Champions League.
He is with six awards for the best player in the world record winner of the Ballon d Or (2009, 2019 as Ballon d Or; 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 as FIFA Ballon d Or) and also six titles record winners of the FIFA World Footballer of the Year (2009 as FIFA World Player; 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 as FIFA Ballon d Or; 2019 as FIFA The Best Fifa Men s Player). He was also elected to Europe s footballers of the year in 2011 and 2015. There are also numerous top 3 placements in these elections. Messi has been the only player who was elected 12 times the best footballer of the year of his country. Messi, who also has Spanish nationality, is captain and with 79 goals recorders of the Argentine national team and since 9 September 2021 also South American Record tracker. In addition, he completed the most games for his country with 153 inserts (as of September 9, 2021). In 2005, he won the Junior World Championship and became Goal Scorer, 2008 he received the Olympic gold medal. After previously four lost end games, he won 2021 with the Copa América his first title with the a national television.

After the fourth defeat from recent six games, FC Barcelona has separated from his coach Ronald Koeman.

Koeman sacked by Barcelona after defeat at Rayo Vallecano | La Liga | 2021/22
The decision was after the 0: 1 at Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish league, the football club announced shortly after midnight on his website. President Joan Laporta informed Koeman. The 58-year-old will still say goodbye to the team around National Torwart Marc-André Ter Stegen. Three days before, Barcelona had lost the Clásico against Real Madrid at home 1: 2. Barcelona s patience with Ronald Koeman is finally used up, wrote the newspaper Marca.

The club guide did not call a successor initially. Spanish media speculated about a commitment of ex-professional Xavi, who has been working in Qatar for Al-Sadd SC since 2019 and completed its first station as a head coach. Previously, he had ended his career at the club as a professional after 17 years in the jersey of the FC Barcelona.

After ten playing only

Koeman had laid his office as a national coach of the Netherlands in the summer of 2020 and changed to Barcelona. He got the club with which he had won as a player, among others the Champions League and four championship titles, a two-year contract.

In his premiere season, third place jumped out in La Liga after all. The following year, the first after the farewell of Superstar Lionel Messi, it does not work at all for the Catalans: The FC Barcelona is located after ten playing as NEINNE in the table midfield away from the Champions League places. In the royal class, the early from the K.O. phase is threatened in the group with FC Bayern Munich.

The only title in Koeman s term as coach of the Catalans remained the victory in the Copa del Rey last season. The Missed League Championship was added to the Champions League in the quarterfinals against Paris Saint-Germain – the club, for which Messi plays since the summer.

Class Trouble Games

First Class Trouble PS Plus

As part of the recent state of play show, Sony has introduced a game called First Class Trouble. It can be played from the coming week on the platforms PS4 and PS5. And if you belong to the PS plus subscribers, you can bring the title without additional costs in your possessions. First Class Trouble is one of the PS plus games for November 2021.

It s about social deception

According to developers, First Class Trouble awaits you a party game around social deception. For you, this means that communication with other players is of high importance. At the same time, however, you can not trust anyone.

After starting a game, you randomly get one of two roles assigned: resident or personoid. The residents are human passengers and personoids are mechanically constructed assistants. However, their programming has been overwritten. In the different roles you also have different goals, what makes you a decision: work together or deceive?

gets into the heart of the alithea

For residents, the main goal is to turn off the malignant Ki in the heart of the Alithea. At C.A.i.n. Can be achieved, three key cards must be collected to get deeper into the ship. On the other hand, the main goal for personoids is to stop the residents at any price. This means that your lies, fooling and ultimately have to get rid of these annoying people.

Despite the many potential dangers in the game (and there is a lot of a lot), deception is probably the deadly gun that can be used in First Class Trouble. Who can you trust? Should you follow a player who asks your help with a cooperative task, or does he lead you in a trap?, Says the makers.

More on the subject:

Social-Deduction adventure confirmed with a trailer for the PS5

We can best master the title and enforce your goals, you will learn in a post on the official Playstation Blog. There is a list of valuable tips waiting for you. You can play First Class Trouble as mentioned about PS Plus from the coming week. Previously, a trailer shows what you expect with the title:

Watch trailer on YouTube

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Ronald Koeman Games

Next bankruptcy Barca

For coach Ronald Koeman, the air is always thinner at the Spanish football top club FC Barcelona. The Catalans had to accept the fourth defeat in the recent six compulsory games on Wednesday evening with the 0: 1 (0: 1) on Wednesday evening Rayo Vallecano.

Altstar Radamel Falcao (30.) made National Teakeepers Marc-Andre Ter Stegen no defense chance at his fourth goal of the season. The Dutch National Installer Memphis Depay awarded the potential compensation as he failed with a faulerfeter caused by himself to Rayo-Torwart Stole Dimitrievski (72.).

After ten matchdays and the third league line of the season, Barca stagnates at 15 points in the midfield of the table. Rayo holds four counters in front of the fainting title candidate cloth sensation to the Champions League places.

Real with zero number against Osasuna

Why FC Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy | Oh My Goal
Real Madrid had to be satisfied three days after the 2-1 in Clásico against Barça with a 0-0 against Ca Osasuna. The team around ex-national player Toni Kroos took over the table management through the point again, with the FC Sevilla, Betis Seville and Real Sociedad San Sebastian but three pursuers with also 21 meters behind.

Osasuna lies with only two points behind rank six. In the duel with the Spanish surprise team this season, Real had after about an hour s pitch at a slatted hit by Karim Benzema, but also luck, because Osasuna had previously hit only the post.