Far Cry 6 How to get money in pesos quickly

As in the Games Far Cry of yesteryear, your adventure on the Yara Island will not last long without a good amount of cash in your wallet to buy new weapons, weapons and equipment improvements. So here is how to get weights quickly at Far Cry 6.

How to get fast money (pesos) at Far Cry 6

The weights can be scattered throughout the island of Yara, from the corpses of enemies to the tables, boxes and many other similar areas in the open world. As mentioned above, weights can be spent on arms traffickers and facilities in John camp to buy new equipment, weapons and information. Be sure to always take the time to collect it in decent amounts when you explore so that it does not run out.

It is also worth noting that you can exchange materials in any work bank of the game to exchange recycled glass (1), durable seals (5), recycled fasteners (1), gasoline (3), metal (3) and medications ( 3). ) By pesos. The number between parentheses indicates how much one of each material can exchange. It is a convenient way to earn something for items and equipment you do not need.

That s all you need to know How to make money (pesos) quickly at Far Cry 6. If you re still Looking for more information about the game, make sure you check the wiki in the complete guide, since you will surely have all the tips, tricks and frequently asked questions you can have about the game.

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