Rockstar has already eliminated Agent from its official page

Do you remember Agent ? This was a game that Rockstar Games announced in 2009, and that since then, they had not said anything about him. It was assumed that this game would be exclusive to PlayStation , and it would put us in the shoes of an undercover agent during Cold War . Well, a decade later, his developers seem to have confirmed that we will never hear from him again.

Rockstar Deleted Agent from Their Games Section. Rockstargames pic.twitter.com/iztucl4iaw

  • Ulvi (@cyberblacks) October 5, 2021

During E3 2009, Rockstar announced officially, confirming that it would be a title of action and espionage that would be developed at the end of the Cold War. After in 2013, Sony suggested that the title remained in development, And that same year, Rockstar also renewed the license of the game. Many assumed that their development had moved from PS3 to PS4 , which eventually not like this.

In 2014 the rumors started that Agent had been canceled, but then in 2016, Rockstar renewed the license for the game and again, people trusted that we would have news about it at some point. None of this turned out to be true, and it seems that now we can end our hopes of one day see and play Agent .

Editor s note: To be Franco, a part of me still hoped that Agent will continue alive from one way or another. As I talked about it in the note, in recent years there were records on the part of Rockstar , suggesting that the title remained in development. I think it s easy to assume that we will never hear from him again, will it be that some other title take his place? Tell me if you also wanted to see Agent in action.

Via: Twitter