Gladbach Today 50 years ago the book s throw of the B kelberg

On October 20, 1971, Borussia Mönchengladbach shot in the eighth-finishing leg of the national master pokal Inter Milan with 7: 1 from the Bökelbergstadion. But a cola tin made the perhaps the best footballer performance of Gladbach club history destroyed.

Borussia Mönchengladbach introduces the national master in the European Cup of 28,000 spectators with 2: 1 against Inter Milan. In the 29th minute, the emotions are cooking high in the Bökelbergstadion.

In the run-up to a throw, it depends on the sideline for the rack between Gladbach Luggi Müller and Inter-Star Roberto BonineSegna. The audience goes completely out of the saddle.

Suddenly, a beverage can fly from the ranks towards BonineSegna. The Italian sinks to the ground. For a minute he timed on the lawn. The supervisors of the Milanese treat the striker first on the square. Finally, they wear BonineSegna into the guest cabin. There, the reigning Goal Scorer of Series A. The game is offset by demolition.

Only under protest, Inter after a few minutes interruption takes up the game again. Against completely overwhelmed Italians, the eleven from the Lower Rhine in a noise. Five more hits give Günter Netzer, Jupp Heynckes and Co. to the Italian master. One of the highest victories of Gladbach s European history seemed to be perfect.

UEFA canceled the 7: 1

After the game, the can-score hit high waves. Inter, at the UEFA contradictory against the game classification – with success. The disciplinary commission decided to cancel the 7: 1. The game had to be repeated on neutral place.

First, the NerRazurri won her home game in Milan with 4: 2. The repetition game in the Berlin Olympiastadion then ended. Torlos. This avoided the Borussia out of the competition.

Teasure statements contradict

To date, it remains disputed whether Boninsegna was really knocked out of the tin can. According to the victim , the can had been full and met him at the head. The gun throw was like a K.O.-blow for me. I was unconscious for 15 to 20 seconds, BonineSegna said later the WDR .

Get opponent Müller rated the situation very different. Suddenly a river came flown and hit Boninsegna on the shoulder, the defender remembered. I stepped against the can lying on the lawn, noted that she was empty. Only on call the teammate BonineSegna had fallen. When he wanted to get up again, the Inter-supervisors had pushed their protégé back to the ground and worn by the square.

Referee Jef Dorpmans gave the Gladbacher right. I ve always believed that BonineSegna has only played the injury, the Dutch betrayed Fohlenti . My line judge has seen that the can was open, and that the cola splashed out of the box in flight, so she was half empty at the impact.

Also the police tapped in the dark

The Enlightenment of the Fall also proved difficult for the Monchengladbach police. The thrower could not determine the police. A suspect still arrested in the stadium proved to be innocent. According to the police report and some testimonies, even an Italian fan could be in question as a perpetrator.

Apart from the Gladbacher goals, there are no television pictures of the game. That only the spectators in the stadium have seen the scene, had certainly large proportion of legend formation around the book s throw.

Meanwhile, the famous co-can in the Gladbach Club Museum, BonineSegna has participated as an actor in a terence Hill film and 7: 1 is deeply anchored in the club s club sity.

Sebastian Ernst