Albion Online Open World Gameplay

Hardly is Patch 11 for Call to Arms from Albion Online appeared, the look of the developer of Sandbox Interactive is towards the future, read: Update Lands Awakend . On the official website, Game Director Robin Henkys recently revealed us which extensive changes are planned for the Open World Gameplay of the MMORPG in November.

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Objectives and challenges of Lands Awakend

Provide valuable rewards that are not static or predictable
Avoidance of monopolizations by powerful groups
Dynamic, unpredictable rewards for everyone at the right time in the right place
Exciting and exciting gameplay options for All types of players and group sizes

Improvements to MOBS in the Open World

Revised graphics, balancing, skills and rewards
Mobs are now increasing with the time in the stage :
Recruits appear first
These will over time become normal or champion mobs
If you are not killed, you will fill whole areas, which offers massive rewards
Reward exploration
Allows players to select worthwhile areas
Stugs player to continue to remove from cities
Additional new visual mode for the card displaying the approximate value of MOBS in the region

Updated static dungeons

The MOB recycling system also works in the Static Open World Dungeons :

This gives more incentive to dungeon research also behind the entrance areas
Inputs in adjacent regions were added, whereby the dungeons become interesting hotspots:
Players can certainly not cover one entrance
You can serve as emergency exits to avoid stronger groups
Ensures that players have access to all sides during Dungeon Rush events
Dungeon Rush:
Limited warning time; random start times; Only for short periods
MOBS and treasure chairs rose faster at the level, huge rewarding possibilities
Attracts other players, this leads to more confrontations and showdowns

The revised open-world dungeons offer numerous possibilities for different types of players: PvE players can explore the dungeons away from the time-limited events and PVP players can be rushed during these events.

Revised treasure finds

Current system:

Fixed locations
Open to preset intervals
Many players avoid them, from fear of encounters with well-prepared groups
Overhauled rewards

New system:

Treasure finds appear now everywhere in the Open World
There are only limited warnings before the opening
Only visible for players in the surrounding area
Unlock time and visibility corresponding to of the value
Offers possibilities for different game types and group sizes
Essentially more frequent occurrence as current treasures

Albion Online | Open-World Gameplay
Treasures now use the rarity randomization system, which can lead to rare and legendary values

Resource rates

The treasure system now also includes resources:

Fully charged resource sources are displayed on the local player region card
Type and stage of resources depend on the region, but they are always valuable and often enchanted
In addition, for collectors who want to dodge other players, now also information about the approximate Type and Level of available resources for insight on the world map

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