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Destiny 2 is a multiplayer computer game developed by Bungie, Inc. and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. Bungie and Activision were independent in 2019. The ego shooter is a pure online game and was published for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on September 6, 2017. The version for Microsoft Windows was published on 24 October 2017. In addition, the game appeared for Google Stadia, Xbox Series X and S as well as the Playstation 5. Destiny 2 is the successor of the Destiny published in 2014.
The game world is embedded in a science fiction scenario. Each player slips into the role of a so-called latter, protector of the last remaining secure city on earth. For this, this guardian uses a light called power to defend the city from various aliens races. One of these races, the so-called cabal, led by Dominus Ghaul , infiltrate the city and rob the keepers of their power. The player starts with the journey to recover this power and defeat Ghaul and his redsheet and recall the last city.
As in the first part of the game, the actions of Destiny 2 are divided into player counter-player (PVP) and player-for-environment activities (PVE). In addition to the classic story missions in which the action of the game is pursued, Destiny 2 contains so-called Strikes for groups of three players and RAIDs for six players in PVE mode. In this case, arbitrarily chosen story missions are played in different difficulty grades. Furthermore, there are different events and activities with non-player characters (NPC) on the different planets. So-called competitive modes, which modeled the PVP principle, contain both target-based types and classic Deathmatch.

In Destiny 2 come today, on 21 October, a new update on PS4, PS5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, on the PC and on Google Stadia. The hotfix could solve some problems that have occurred over the past week. The most important times and information gets her here on MeinMMO.

The need now know her, Bungie has announced a hotfix for Thursday, 21 October. Two well-known errors in which again have to mischief Exos. Telesto and Raijus Harnisch attended last week for tumult and were quickly disabled by Bungie. Whether they are fixed?

So you know exactly today when their gamble can and what changes everything in the game, you accompanied by MeinMMO hotfix and updated these items all made with fresh information.

Maintenance at 21.10. – All times and server-down

These times are important today:

At 18:00 German time, the maintenance work start on all platforms.
As of 18:45 the servers are then offline. You will be kicked out of all activities and the downtime begins.
Expected around 19:00, the servers are back online and the hotfix rolls out worldwide
Have downloaded it the update (and copies), you can play Destiny 2 again.
At 20:00 supposed to end the maintenance schedule.

is Important: Even if you have downloaded the update, it can until the end of the maintenance work to 20:00 come to connection problems. May involve creating expect at login with queues. Considering also that third-party applications and the official companion app are incorrect distance.

This changes with hotfix in Season 15

This brings the hotfix today: This is still uncertain, either in its Destiny 2 Status account yet on their website they gave a sneak preview of the changes and fixes.

Stay tuned, we will, if further information comes to complement it here.

So you will the server down not boring:

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Destiny 2: players are furious because they will pay in the future for Dungeons Extra
Destiny 2: Weekly reset at 19.10. – The heroic astral alignment begins

patch notes hotfix in Destiny 2

What s in the patch notes ? The comprehensive list of all changes from hotfix released Bungie in the form of patch notes.

Traditionally, the information will appear along with the update itself. When the patch notes are available, we link you all information in this regard.

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