Moby in Albion Online will soon expose and level

The last time Albion online reported that as part of Lands Awakened will improve all the biomes in the game and the creators promised to focus on the open world of their Awakened. Now they throw a bit of light on what else will bring the aforementioned update. And I will tell you that it sounds interesting!

Moby will expose and level in Albion Online, or increase your level! First, Recruits appear, who over time promote to mobs-champions. If these Moby are not killed, all areas will be filled with them, thus providing players with huge prizes. This award system has players for exploring and encouraging the wild areas. An additional map display mode will appear, showing the approximate value of mobs in regions.

Static dungeons will also receive news. There will be entered in neighboring regions, thanks to which you will be able to escape emergency exit in the event of a trap or with the desire to take part in a fever of dungeons.

The translated dungeons in the open world provides a multitude of possibilities for different types of players: PVE players can explore themselves except for active events, and PvP players can move to them during events. The treasure system will also start generating raw materials! Details can be found here.