Hertha BSC Gladbach saison defeats Director Max Eberl apologizes for Stop s Maul

Not only on the lawn, Borussia Mönchengladbach wrote negative headlines on Sunday with the fourth saison defeat. At the 0: 1 at competitor Hertha BSC, Gladbach s saison defeat director Max Eberl also fell uncomfortable, who did not stand under control on the playing edge and let himself be carried away to an outraster towards Berliner Bank. Meanwhile, the ex-professional rudded back.

Stop the mouth, Arne! Stop your mouth, Max Eberl was shouting on Saturday night during the game in the Olympic Stadium in the direction of Herthas saison defeat Director Arne Friedrich, who previously had previously hired over a duel between Nico Elvedi and Krzyzstof Piatek.

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An emotional outbreak for which Eberl later apologized both in direct conversation with Friedrich and public. Yes, I was very emotional, but have apologized in the square and then again in the catacombs. In such a game it s time to be heated, but it s all clear, emphasized the 48-year-old picture .

Hertha BSC passes past Gladbach

Friedrich, who also takes place as Eberl at the mandatory games of his team usually on the bench, confirmed a corresponding conversation with his Gladbach colleague: Max apologized directly after the game with me. In the game, emotions are high, for me Forgot that again. I appreciate max very.

During the game, it was very important not only on the sideline. A total of 32 fouls was the statistics department during the 90 minutes from which the Berliner showed as a lucky winner.

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After the fourth victory in the current season Hertha BSC moved past the foal elf in the Bundesliga table and meanwhile ranks ten.