Age of Empires 4 Test in work

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Today s Monday morning at 9:01 was the test embargo for Age of Empires 4. We have been intensively intensely to test the hope of the real-time strategy for some time. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the detailed test on time for the Embarridge. This is due to extensive test scenarios we played through, as well as the previously limited multiplayer possibilities. In the meantime, we played all four campaigns and also completed various Skirmich matches. So we are not so far from the final test result. We would like to ask you only a little patience.

However, we can already betray that fans of real-time strategy with Age of Empires 4 (Buy Now 59.99 €) can expect a very solid genre representative. The game moves very strongly in the spirit of the Grand Age of Empires 2 and enthused us mainly with amazing differences in the style of play between the eight different peoples. The four campaigns and the drum around is very interesting for history fans, as the developers with the game want to convey a lot of accurate history knowledge.

Which possibly did not like it so much and finally to assess Age of Empires 4 as part of the legendary strategy series, then you will learn in the finished test. We strongly assume that the finished test including test video will still be clearly available for you before releasing the game on October 28th. We would definitely fulfill our information order in time before you should make a purchase decision. We thank you for your understanding.

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From Matthias Dammes
25.10.2021 at 09:01 o clock