Jonathan Tah over Bayer Leverkusen Bavaria and Hansi Flick

The National Football League (designated by the unofficial translation National Football League in French), abridged by its acronym NFL, is an association of professional football teams, active in the United States. The NFL was created in 1920, first under the name of American Professional Football Association (APFA), before being renamed National Football League in 1922. The NFL organizes each year a championship very followed in the United States punctuated by A major event: the Super Bowl.

Jonathan Tah belongs to the professional footballers who are worth listening. An intelligent person talks about his job, reflected, self-critical, quite a self-confident. Just 25 years as he is, even in fast-lived football business, no older Lord. And yet he fills out a role in Leverkusen, which is influenced by passing acquired knowledge.

Tah has occupied heavy months behind him, a steep crash of his performance curve, combined with self-doubt and fighting. Today he knows that these struggles have been worth it, there was a pair of blue eyes, but in the end there was a victory over himself. He paid the crisis expensive, the national team denied the euro without the Leverkusen. Today he is so far again that he can say: I want to go. Then I belong to. But I respect all decisions.

With Hansi Flick there was no contact. But the national coach is not escaped that Tah has overcome the valley, it goes uphill again. This occupies his professional footballers-notes of 2.86, but much more but the extension of his contract until 2025. Bayer builds on him, the requirements of the young Routinian grown: after the career end of the Bender twins Lars and Sven it is Tah who introduces his experience and must coach the young colleagues on the square. This is important, just the older professionals must have the view of those who are still on the necessary mature bonding: Edmond Tapsoba is 22, Odilon Kossounou 20, Piero Hincia 19, Mineschel Bakker 21, Jeremy Frimpong 20, the injured Timothy Fosu Mensah also only 23.

Jonathan Tah 2020 ???????? Defensive Skills ● BAYER LEVERKUSEN

For this racial band, he does not want to be the boss, I like the word leader better, says Tah. Leader in a better time under the new trainer Gerardo Seoane, which the player really often calls when asked for the reasons of the Leverkusen upswing. A statement as: The coach has changed a lot is directly related to the indication of that today a team is in place. With Seoane, mentality came to the cabin: Everyone has to take responsibility, for themselves and for the team. The progress suggests this conclusion: We have become adult, even if we are a total of younger.

Enthusiasm instead of skepticism, tah beams in front of the top game ( We are all hot to the game! ): I have not experienced this momentum in the years before, he says a fundamentally positive energy feels. And this wish: I hope we go through it by the end of the season.