Why has Tom Holland has not filtered anything about no way home

Spider-Man, occasionally translated as a spider man, is a character created by the Americans Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and introduced at comic Amazing Fantasy No. 15, published by Marvel Comics in August 1962. It is a superhero that employs its superhuman, reminiscent skills of a spider, to combat other supervillain who pursue sinister ends.
Its creation goes back at the beginning of the 1960s in response to the growing interest of the adolescent public in the comics and the success of the Fantastic 4. After their first appearance in Amazing Fantasy, Marvel decided to produce an individual series entitled The Amazing Spider-Man, whose initial exemplary came on sale in March 1963. Since then several comics related to the character have been distributed, as well as other products that have derived in the establishment of a media franchise.
Although it has multiple alternative versions that have led to the development of a multiverse, the main origins and features of Spider-Man have remained unchanged over time. Generally, its secret identity is Peter Parker, a young New Yorker woman who acquires superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, and whose ideology as hero is reflected primarily in the expression great power carries a great responsibility. be associated with a bromist, friendly, inventive and optimistic personality, which has led him to be cataloged as the friendly neighbor of whatever one, coupled with his experiences characterized by everyday problems, they attracted the interest of the public when contrasting with The archetype of industry superhero.
Between the skills of him emphasize strength, combat and intelligence, besides being able to produce and throw synthetic cobwebs with the help of pitchers who are subject to him s wrists; climb, adhere and scroll through walls and buildings; and perceive dangers and threats around him precognitously thanks to the arachnid sense of him. Some of its collaborations with other superheroes include human torch, Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers, while some of its most recurrent rivals are the Green goblin, Dr. Octopus and Venom, as well as criminal groups like the six sinister and the heirs.
Spider-Man is considered one of the best characters of all time, whose popularity and influence has led it to be adopted by Marvel as his pet, as well as being the most profitable superhero of the industry whose income exceeded each other The twenty-five billion USD in 2018. Its franchise includes television, cinematographic, radio, literary and videogame productions. The actors who have played the character in the cinema are Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

It is no longer missing for the anticipated launch of spider-man: no way home, and to many surprise, nothing has almost been filtered about it. Yes, we have had a few glances to certain things, but the truth is that until now, none of this has been officially verified. What is this about?

Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker at MCU, has a fairly extensive history when it comes to leaks. The actor has filtered several details of almost all the tapes in which he has participated, but that has not yet happened with no way home. Schooling with the magazine Empire, Holland revealed that the creators of the film They have almost not given many details, perhaps to avoid accidentally revealing them.

I have no idea. They never tell me what is happening.

On the other hand, Holland mentioned that one of the best scenes within this film involves Spider-Man, Aunt May, Hapy Hogan, and another mysterious person. Obviously Holland did not say who it was, but of course, the Internet already started with speculation.

Spider-Man: no way home will come to cinemas the next December 17.

Editor s Note: Obviously as much Sony and Marvel Studios are being very careful with the leaks of this movie. After all, we are talking about that no way home will be like the closure of the trilogy Homecoming, so there are many expectations about it.

Via: Empire